Tiki Tacos

Tiki Tacos – Serving Up a Fusion of Mexican and Hawaiian Goodness Taco-Style
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Fresh made tortillas, flavorful fillings, and huge portions make Tiki Tacos the place to go in East Side Kauai when hunger strikes. As the name implies, it’s usually tacos, tacos, and more tacos except for Saturday when they roll out the tamales by the boatload. Either way, you’re sure to delight in all their amazing Mexican and Hawaiian flavors – and their service is pretty great as well. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When endless taco flavors are calling your name, just zoom on up to Tiki Tacos in East Side Kauai to get your fill. From grass-fed beef and kalua pork to island fresh fish and organic fire-roasted veggies, all the best Mexican and Hawaiian flavors are on tap at all times. All the taco magic starts with their corn tortillas, which are handmade on the daily to hold all their decadent creations. Then, they only use the finest ingredients from all over the island to build each item to order.

Tiki Tacos flavors are larger than life, as are their portions, giving everyone a run for their money each time they dare to visit. Although you’ll undoubtedly want to order all the fan favorites, you’re likely to find your belly filling up fast after just a taco or two. Fortunately, you can come back time and time again since they’re open seven days a week.

While tacos are always on the menu, Saturdays at Tiki Tacos are tamale time. Available in pork and chicken, these tantalizing treats go unbelievably fast. You can call ahead to reserve your lot, but you’d better show up on time or they could walk out the door without you. Want a vegetarian filling instead? They’ll honor your request if you let them know before the tamale-making commences.

At each visit to Tiki Tacos, you’ll want to take some time to gaze in wonder at the huge chalkboard full of great options. Once you have your selections in mind, just walk up to the front counter to put in your order. You can then get cozy at a table inside their dining room or head outside to sit at the picnic tables. Either way, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the low-key ambiance and friendly service.

The most popular items at Tiki Tacos include:

Hawaiian Royal
The Hawaiian Royal puts you in control of your taco journey, starting with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, or fish. From there, they pile on the Hawaiian pineapple, which they first caramelize in their dry chili marinade. Then, it’s completed with a mix of roasted onions, cabbage, queso fresco, salsa fresca, and sour cream.

The Kahuna Fish
The Kahuna Fish lets you take a tour of all the best ocean flavors served with a spicy kick. Tiki Tacos creates this taco with the fish of the day, putting it right in the center of their handmade tortilla. After that, they add island-grown red and green cabbage, queso fresco, sour cream, grilled onions, and their delicious salsa fresca to the mix.

Surfing Pig
The Surfing Pig takes the iconic surf and turf to the next level while keeping it all barely contained in a handmade tortilla. This awesome taco features kalua pig and the fish of the day plus all the basic fixings. Feel like a more traditional land and ocean collaboration? Go with the beef and shrimp taco instead.

Although all of Tiki Tacos’ tacos feature the perfect mix of ingredients, you can always customize them a bit more to your liking for an extra charge. Want even more fresh flavor? Add avocado to any taco on the list. Need a zesty kick instead? Go for the guacamole. Their housemade salsa fresca is always a good choice as well. While it’s not particularly spicy, the flavor is out of this world delicious. If you’re particularly ambitious, you can add even more veggies and meat to the mix.

Insider Tips:
-Like your tacos particularly saucy? Be sure to ask Tiki Tacos for extra sauce on the side since they make their tacos a little bit on the dry side.
-Want to take your orders to go? Expect to pay for each box. Tiki Tacos recently upgraded to compostable containers in an effort to make their eatery a bit more sustainable, so it’s an extra charge to offset the cost increase.  -If you want to skip the tortilla, just select a taco, and let them know you’d like a salad bowl instead.