Tropical Taco

Tropical Taco – Serving Tasty Fish Tacos at a Premium in North Shore Kauai
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4 / 5
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Tropical Taco is the place to go in North Shore Kauai when you’re craving bold tacos, burritos, and more. They make every menu item to order with the freshest local ingredients, including fish caught right off the nearby shores. So, it just makes sense that it all comes at a premium, but you can get your money’s worth by enjoying it all on their cozy-covered patio.  

- The Local Expert Team

When you’re looking for tacos, burritos, and everything in between, you can always count on Tropical Taco to come through in a big way. Although they recently upgraded from a food truck to a taco shop, they still offer all the same made-to-order dishes and quality service. Plus, they haven’t strayed from their love for North Shore Kauai, setting up shop near their beloved Hanalei Bay.

Tropical Taco’s dedication to quality local ingredients shines through in all they do, especially when it comes to their fish tacos. They get all their fish fresh daily from a North Shore fisherman to support their beloved community and provide the best seafood flavors. If you prefer turf over surf, you can go with their quality beef or keep it vegetarian with their beans instead.

Along with fresh, local produce, Tropical Taco uses their proteins to make a dizzying array of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. They even have beer-battered fish and chips for when you want a decadent classic. Since there’s so much to choose from, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to pour over their menu at each and every visit. That way, you can zero in on the items that’ll best satisfy your cravings.

Once you manage to select your menu items from all their excellent options, you just have to walk up front to let them know what you want. Expect the prices to match the quality of their ingredients, no matter what you order. After that, you’ll want to check and see if there are any spots open on their covered patio. Although they have cozy seating indoors, their patio lets you enjoy the fresh ocean air and watch the world go by while you enjoy your meal.

Fan favorites at Tropical Taco include:

Tropical Taco
Their perfect namesake, the Tropical Taco lets you know exactly what they’re all about from the very first bite. They start this taco with their handmade corn tortilla and your choice of either fish or beef. To that, they add pinto beans, cheese, lettuce, and salsa to bring it all together.

Hanalei Style Fish & Chips
Although not a taco, the Hanalei Style Fish & Chips allows you to enjoy their dedication to getting the freshest local seafood. They make this entrée by throwing the fish of the day in their light beer batter and frying it golden brown. Then, they put it all on a bed of shredded cabbage before adding fresh taro fries alongside.

Baja Plate
With Tropical Taco’s generous portions and excellent flavor combos, the Baja Plate brings people in from far and wide.  To build your tacos, they either beer batter and fry the fish or grill it up. After that, they add Spanish rice, beans and cheese, and a cabbage mix on the side. Mild salsa, Baja sauce, and a fresh lime land alongside as well to help elevate the flavors even more.

Fat Jack
The Fat Jack takes a simple burrito to great heights by giving it a quick swim in the deep fryer. Tropical Taco starts by taking a flour tortilla and filling it with beef, beans, and cheese. Then, they drop it in the oil until golden brown. After putting it on the plate, they add cheese, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream over top.

If you want to share your love for the awesome Tropical Taco shop wherever you go, pick up some swag during your visit. They offer their branded t-shirts in a bunch of different sizes plus hats for those who want to keep the sun out of their eyes. Oftentimes, they give out a free fish taco with your t-shirt purchase, so be sure to order your swag before chowing down.

Insider Tips:
-When ordering takeout from Tropical Taco, expect an extra charge for boxing up each dish to go.
Tropical Taco only accepts Venmo, cash, or check at this time, although PayPal payments are coming soon.