Leong’s Meat House

Leong's Meat House -- Small Business Serving Up Seriously Good Cuts of Beef & Poke
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5.0 / 5
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Leong's Meat House is a fantastic business on Kauai's east side that serves up fresh cuts of beef and poke bowls. This place is connected with a Kauai ranch and offers truly farm-to-table dishes (like sandwiches that you will want to seconds on) and quality raw cuts of meat. They also are renowned for serving up some of the best poke bowls on the island. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Leong’s Meat House is a small little building located in the village of Kappa on Kauai’s eastern coast. But while its exterior might not look like much, don’t pass by too quickly or you may very well regret it — especially if you’re on the hunt for quality meat and savory poke bowls. 

Leong’s Meat House is owned and Kristen and Russel Leong who have some pretty serious experience in the Hawaiian meat industry. That’s because before this couple opened up that business, they first became successful with their cattle ranch located elsewhere on the island. Named RKL Ranch after the couple’s names, this 650-acre cattle ranch is where Leong’s Meat House sources most of its meat. In fact, most of the cattle raised from this farm make their way to various local restaurants and shops. The Leong’s have stated that part of their mission with RKL Ranch has been helping Kauai remain self-sustainable and sufficient and to ensure the hard-working dollars earned stay within the local community. 

What are they serving up at Leong’s Meat House?

While beef is the big-ticket item at RKL Ranch and cuts like tenderloin medallions and top and bottom sirloin are the popular choices at Leong’s Meat House, meat is not the only thing sourced from the Leong’s.
This ranch is also a part-traditional farm as the family grows bananas, vegetables, and raises chickens for egg production.
All of which are likewise sold at Leong’s Meat House.

Leong’s Meat House is pretty easy to find. Simply travel along Kuhio Highway through Kapaa and turn onto Lehua Street. As soon as you turn onto Lehuna St. from whichever direction you’re traveling, you will see a small wooden building on your right with a simple sign proclaiming, Leong’s Meat House. Several benches are situated out front for those who want to snack on their orders or are waiting for prepared foods, and often those benches are full!

This business is not called a meat house for no reason. Beef is the number one product you will find for sale here. All of the beef sold at Leong’s Meat House is sourced from animals raised on the island of Kauai. These are 100% USDA locally grass-fed cows, a type of beef production that has been shown to increase omega-3 fatty acids and deliver a healthier dose of antioxidants. No hormones or any type of additives are used at RKL Ranch. You can purchase raw cuts of beef at Leong’s Meat House as well as prepared cuts. For example, their dehydrated beef jerky is a very popular seller. 

In addition to selling farm products from the associated own RKL Ranch, Leong’s Meat House also sources a nice array of other food products from local sources. This includes local farms as well as local fishing outfits. In fact, many say that the poke bowls sold at Leong’s Meat House and fully sourced by local fishing outfits — many of which operate from docks just down the street from their business. So if you are looking for a farm-to-table or boat-to-bowl dining establishment, then Leong’s Meat House is exactly where you want to be. Best of all, because you aren’t dealing with a lot of middleman interruptions here, the prices for both raw cuts and prepared food are very reasonable, especially when you consider the quality of food you are getting here. 

Insider Tip:
Kristen and Russel Leong are a pretty fascinating couple. When they aren’t busy on their ranch or checking in on sales and customer service at their Leong’s Meat House, they compete in local roping and other cowboy-oriented competitions. If you’re visiting during such a competition, we recommend going out to check out this unique side of the local culture and to buy some fresh jerky and other products directly from the owners.