Kickshaws – Food Truck Serving Gourmet Cuisine with a Scientific Kick
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5.0 / 5
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When you want to enjoy a regular rotation of fine dining flavors in a low-key setting, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Kickshaws. At this South Shore Kauai food truck, Chef Seth Peterson creates delightfully flavorful dishes using a wholly scientific approach. From the anything-but-simple grilled cheese to the oh-so-tender wagyu flank steak, everything promises to exceed your every expectation.

- The Local Expert Team

At Kickshaws, Chef Seth Peterson revolutionizes the food truck model by taking comfort food to the next level with an avant-garde approach. Although self-taught in the art of cooking, he easily whips up truly extraordinary culinary creations that show off his scientific background. He’s an expert in blending all the right flavors, going far beyond the norm to wow your tastebuds with every bite.

His process begins with the selection of fresh island ingredients, which he accomplishes with flair due to his time as an organic farmer on North Shore Kauai. The buns come from local bakeries, the produce arrives straight from local farms, and much of the meat even arrives straight from island sources. He also thinks globally to bring all-new ingredients to his South Shore food truck, including camel meat for his decadent burger creation.

Once he has all the right items in hand, he carefully prepares them using esoteric preparations that beautifully transform the ingredients to match his vision. He takes his sweet time with all the preparations, too. The ground meat for the 100% Awesome Burger, for example, cures for 30 hours before hitting the grill to reach a perfect medium-rare. Beyond that, he makes all the marinades, sauces, and spreads in-house, so you always know they’re going to leave you feeling more than impressed.

Since everything is made to order with tons of care, you’ll want to settle in for quite a wait for your food. If you order onsite, you can chill at the picnic tables out front or put in your order and go for a walk. Prefer to skip the long wait? Get your food fast by texting your to-go orders before you leave the hotel. Once you get a taste of your food, you’ll be glad you stuck it out. Just don’t get too attached to a single dish since their menu changes on the regular.

Swing by to try their:

Ooey-Gooey Gourmet Grilled Cheese
If you want a childhood favorite made for your adult palate, treat yourself to the Ooey-Gooey Gourmet Grilled Cheese. This scrumptious dish starts with a housemade date-maple-walnut spread put on two slices of Deli & Bread Connection’s sourdough bread. Then, it gets plenty of creamy Havarti put in the middle before getting grilled up to a light golden brown.

Happenin’ Humpy Camel Burger
When you order the Happenin’ Humpy Camel Burger, expect to go on a whirlwind journey through all the best flavors in the world. To create this dish, the chef puts a ground camel patty down on the grill to reach the perfect level of doneness. Once that’s done, he puts it on a Deli & Bread Connection bun and tops it with ginger pickled apples and preserved lemons in a harissa aioli. Arugula finishes it off right before the top bun lands in place.

Broke Da Mout Beet Sandwich
The Broke Da Mout Beet Sandwich lets you dive right into bold island flavors face first. This tasty vegetarian dish starts with a Deli & Bread Connection bun and a whole lot of marinated local beets. Over the beets, the chef adds housemade walnut pesto and passion fruit jalapeno sauce. As a final touch, it gets shaved Manchego cheese and arugula.

For special events, Chef Peterson rolls out his tasting menu full of inventive small bite plates. With offerings like Charred Octopus, 48-Hour Short Rib, and Medium Rare Duck Breast, you just know you’re getting the best of the best every time. Although all his savory items are out-of-this-world delicious, don’t forget to save room for dessert, which is always an exercise in pure imagination. The Limebar, for example, features an exquisite mix of housemade ice cream, bruleed banana, coconut meringue, strawberry, and coconut fluid gel.

Insider Tips:
-Want to share your love for this delightful little food truck? Just buy their swag and wear it wherever you go.
-If you need catering for your next big event, just let them know and they’ll get you on the schedule.