Shivalik Indian Cuisine

Shivalik Indian Cuisine – Enjoy Authentic Indian Dishes Made with Fresh Island Ingredients
The Bottom Line:

Every dish served at Shivalik Indian Cuisine boasts bold spices, rich sauces, and tons of flavor in every bite. Whether you’re craving bright vegan fare or tender meat-based dishes, you really cannot go wrong with at trip to this popular East Side Kauai eatery. Want to try all the best tandoor favorites in one visit? Swing by for a buffet dinner to remember.  

- The Local Expert Team

Shivalik Indian Cuisine offers the rare chance to enjoy authentic Indian dishes without leaving the East Side of Kauai. As is tradition, they use a wide variety of veggies, lentils, sauces, and spices to create the perfect culinary creations. Although they base many dishes around rich and tender cuts of meat, it’s always easy to find vegan and vegetarian fare, too.

Whether it’s your first time here or your 10th, you can always count on your server to lead you to greatness. They know the menu items inside and out – and are happy to help you track down the flavors that will please your palate. Just answer a few of their questions, and then order up any one of their excellent suggestions.

If you’d rather sample all the best flavors in one visit, you can swing by from 4 pm to 9:30 pm on Wednesday, Friday, or both for their dinner buffet. Although the buffet spread focuses on the tandoor, or clay oven, cooked foods, it’s the perfect opportunity to try several things in one trip. You can then zero in on all the flavors that you love the most and use that as a guide for your next order.

The buffet is also a great idea if you like to go big or go home since their regular portion sizes are rather lacking. If you do go with ordering off the menu, just know that their dishes are best ordered to share with the table. Just get a little bit of everything and pass each dish around, so all your tablemates can feel the love.

Get a taste of their:

Vegetable Pakoda
The Vegetable Pakoda takes all the best island flavors straight to the next level. This appetizer starts with seasonal veggies coated in a gram flour batter. Then, they land in the fryer until crispy golden brown and ready for your plate.

Lamb Coconut Curry
The Lamb Coconut Curry promises to tantalize your tastebuds from first bite to last. It accomplishes that feat with its coconut and ginger gravy that cooks all day to create a complex mix of flavors. In that gravy, you’ll find chunks of lamb that have simmered until tender enough to cut with your spoon.

Chicken Vindaloo
When you’re craving comfort food, perhaps only the Chicken Vindaloo will do. This dish features chicken and potatoes that are sauteed alongside onion and tomatoes galore. To complete the flavor profile, they add cumin and exotic spices designed to leave your belly feeling warm and satisfied after every bite.

Dal Makhni
You can leave the meat behind without missing a beat by ordering the Dal Makhni. This dish comes with a hearty portion of whole black lentils set in a wonderful sauce. Ginger, garlic, and onion help elevate the flavors of the sauce even more.

When you order up your meals, make sure to treat yourself to the naan and other breads for scooping, dipping, and sopping up all the flavorful sauces. Their Garlic Naan is a fantastic choice, although you cannot go wrong with the plain variety either. For a kick of flavor, choose the Paneer Kulcha instead, which is naan filled with spiced Indian cottage cheese.

Insider Tips:
-Delivery is also a possibility no matter where you’re at in Kauai. You can order directly from the restaurant, though ChowNow, or by navigating to DoorDash. Whatever route you take, just be sure to expect to pay a delivery fee and tip for your driver.
-As you go on all your Kauai adventures, keep your eyes peeled for the Shivalik food truck. If you catch them set up around town, you can go right up to the window and order your favorites to go.