Savage Shrimp

Savage Shrimp – Get Fueled Up with Delicious Shrimp Before Shopping Your Heart Out
The Bottom Line:

If you want to get energized for a fun day of shopping at The Shops at Kukuiula, you absolutely need to stop by Savage Shrimp. At this casual Kauai eatery, it’s easy to get your fill of fresh, local shrimp made using all the best island flavors. Like it hot? Treat yourself to the Fire Rock dishes for sun-kissed chili goodness.

- The Local Expert Team

As you get ready to spend the day shopping your heart out at The Shops at Kukuiula, a trip to Savage Shrimp can help get you fueled up for fun. At this walk-up Kauai eatery, you can enjoy all the best shrimp dishes made fast with fresh, local ingredients. Their friendly service and open-air seating sets the stage for a memorable meal, although it’s the food that will undoubtedly win you over at first bite.

They have everything from decadent coconut shrimp to bright garlic shrimp plus all the right sides to bring it all together. If you like a spicy kick, you’ll adore their Fire Rock shrimp, which come slathered in a perfect hot sauce made with sun-kissed chili peppers. Not a fan of shrimp? That’s okay, too. You can get their Fish Tacos, Fish & Chips, or Chicken Tenders instead.

Although two scoops of Rice and Tropical Coleslaw come with every order, you can kick it up a notch by getting Grilled Sourdough Bread and French Fries as well. If you’d really like to treat yourself to garlicky deliciousness, you cannot go wrong with their savory Garlic Fries. You’re also welcome to round out your meal with their ala carte selections, like the eight-piece Coconut Shrimp. Don’t forget to grab a can of soda to go with your meal as well.

Once you make your selections, you can grab a table out front to enjoy cozy open-air seating while you chow down. When your order is ready, they will call out your number, so you can grab your items. Everything comes in takeout boxes, which lets you jet away to your dining location of choice if there are no open tables. Baby Beach just to the south of the restaurant is always a good choice when you prefer to enjoy a phenomenal ocean view while eating your meal.

You cannot miss their:

Garlic Shrimp
If you love everything garlic, then the Garlic Shrimp definitely won’t let you down. Available ala carte, in a taco, or plate-style, this dish always starts with huge, juicy shrimp sauteed in garlic sauce. Then, they prepare it as requested, either putting it in a bowl, tortilla, or plate along with Tropical Coleslaw and Rice.

Fire Rock
A three-star delight, the Fire Rock shrimp brings on the heat, making you practically breathe fire after every bite. You can get these tasty sauteed shrimp on a plate with coleslaw and rice or piled high in a taco with all the fixings. Either way, they go great with their tasty Garlic Fries on the side.

Fish & Chips
When you just want tender, flaky fish covered in crisp breading, you cannot go wrong with the Fish & Chips. They start this dish by coating ono filets in breading and frying them up to a light golden brown. While doing that, they fry your French fries to perfection, so both the fish and fries can land on the plate at the same time. If you’d like a taste of shrimp with your fish, get the Garlic Shrimp ala carte on the side.  

If you’d like your order ready to go when you arrive, just use the online ordering system on their website. The system will let you know when to expect to pick up your order based on their current workload. If that time works for you, go ahead to the next screen to personalize your selections. You can have them peel your shrimp, add extra meat, or put in a note for a custom request, like double rice, no slaw.

Insider Tips:
-They close their doors for an hour each day between lunch and dinner service to prepare for the rush.
-Want something a little different? Just look at the board on the front counter for their daily specials.
-All the shrimp comes with the tail on. If you want it peeled, it’ll be an extra charge.