Tropical Dreams Kapaa

Tropical Dreams Kapaa – Serving Super Decadent Ice Cream on East Side Kauai
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Are you looking for scrumptious Hawaiian ice cream made with love? To get your fill, just get on over to Tropical Dreams Kapaa for all the best flavors around. They have tons of toppings, too, including local Kauai honey, li hing mui powder, and coconut chips.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want the most decadent Hawaiian ice cream served with a smile, get on over to Tropical Dreams Kapaa. At this chill East Side Kauai shop, they proudly serve up super-premium Big Island ice cream made with 18% butterfat. They’re happy to put yours in a cone or bowl, and then pile on all the toppings you could ever want.

To get a taste, you’ll need to zip on over to their shop and patiently wait in line. They’re the busiest during the peak of the tourist season, but you can even count on landing in line in the middle of winter. Their ice cream is just that good, after all, resulting in locals and tourists alike coming by on the regular. As you wait in line, you’ll get to daydream about all the possible flavor combinations you could make.

Since they don’t have any premade sundae options, you’ll need to get ready to build your own anyway. Once you make it to the front counter, let them know what size serving you’d like and your container of choice. They have waffle cones, cake cones, sugar cones, waffle bowls, plus regular paper bowls if you prefer. After that, it’s time to pick your ice cream flavors. Depending on the selected serving size, you’ll get to choose one to three flavors.

You have many incredible options to consider, too. From Dragonfruit Sorbet and Blueberry Cheesecake to Coconut Gelato and Lychee Cream, they have all the best flavors around. With over 150 ice cream flavors in the Tropical Dreams line, they have to keep them in a steady rotation to let their loyal patrons try each one. On top of that, they regularly roll out a flavor of the week, like Mango Lychee Sorbet, to keep things feeling fresh and new.

After getting your flavors picked out, turn your attention to the toppings. Each one is an extra charge, but they’re all well worth the expense. You can get your ice cream topped with sprinkles, candies, cookies, waffle cone crumbles, local Kauai honey, syrup, and so much more. Just be sure to get the whipped cream and cherries, for sure, if you want the full ice cream sundae experience.

Definitely try their:

Dragonfruit Sorbet Cake Cone
When you want a tropical kick while keeping things simple, treat yourself to the Dragonfruit Sorbet Cake Cone. Go with the double scoop to get twice as much sweet fruit flavor. Then, take it to the next level with a dollop of whipped cream followed by ultra-cute sprinkles.

Chocolate Fudge Gelato Waffle Cone
Are you craving chocolatey goodness in every last bite? If so, you need the Chocolate Fudge Gelato Waffle Cone in your life. The chocolate fudge flavors pair perfectly with the sweet waffle cone. Add macadamia nuts on top to give your treat an island kick.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffle Bowl
If you love to pair your chocolate with fruit, then you need to try the Cherry Chocolate Chip Waffle Bowl. The ice cream is amazing, of course, but the waffle bowl accommodates so many toppings. So, go wild with the maraschino cherries and hot fudge for even more cherry chocolate deliciousness.

Although they don’t have much seating, you’re welcome to grab a table if there are any open. They have a few tables inside and a couple more right outside the doors. Otherwise, take your ice cream to go and enjoy it while window shopping around the Kauai Village Shopping Center. Or you could walk over to Waipouli Beach, and then savor your sweet treats while gazing in awe at the ocean views.

Insider Tips:
-The number of flavors you can get increases with the serving size. For up to three flavors, get a large size.
-All the prices on the board include tax, so you don’t have to do the math.
-Want to skip the ice cream while still enjoying frozen treats? Ask about their ono pops.