Mama Bear’s Kitchen

Mama Bear's Kitchen - A Food Truck With Staying Power
Local Expert's Rating:
5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Mama Bear's Kitchen is a food truck boasting outstanding burgers, breakfast burritos, salads, melts, and flatbreads. Expect warm, friendly service and above-average food at a reasonable price. 

- The Local Expert Team

Whether you’re exploring the west side of Kauai for the day or heading to Waimea Canyon, this is a must-stop for exceptional breakfast burritos, sandwiches, fries, and other favorites. Hawaii is known for the quantity and quality of its food trucks, but Mama Bear’s Kitchen is a step above; warm, friendly service coupled with the exceptional sandwiches and wraps makes this stop a five-star favorite for good reason. 

Don’t expect much in terms of aesthetics when you pull up; the truck itself is fairly unassuming, as food trucks tend to be. It’s parked next to a local bank in the town of Waimea. You won’t find an outdoor eating area here, but you can grab your grub and take it to a local park or beach to enjoy. 

The menu varies depending on the day; employees fill in their offerings on the chalkboard-style menu at the start of the day.

With that said, here are a few of Mama Bear’s staple favorites that are typically in stock: 

Da Burgers
Some visitors have reported this is the best burger they’ve ever eaten, anywhere, hands-down. It’s certainly a contender for the best. Expect well-seasoned beef patties cooked hot and fresh, with an array of toppings that knock the ball out of the park. Whether you opt for Da Gourmet Burger, Da Smashburger, Da Cheeseburger, or another favorite, you can trust that they’ll get the order right and that you’ll be blown away by the freshness and quality of ingredients used. 

Da Burrito 
Mama Bear’s Kitchen also serves up breakfast burritos with a variety of ingredients–from locally-made chorizo to Portuguese sausage to scrambled eggs and peppers. The breakfast burritos offer a hearty, satisfying way to start your day; they’ll keep you going no matter what you have on the itinerary. 

Many food trucks specialize in deep-fried fare, and little else. Mama Bear’s Kitchen is different. You’ll also find mouthwatering salads on the menu; again, the specific salads vary depending on the day, but they often serve up a grilled chicken caesar, kale and beet salad, and bear’s house salad–all of which feature fresh, top-of-the-line ingredients that rival that of a high-end restaurant. 

If you’re not in the mood for a burger or salad, it’s hard to go wrong with a melt. Choose from a caprese or ahi melt or another depending on the menu of the day. It’s hard to go wrong with a melt from Mama Bear’s Kitchen; they’re all hot, fresh, and perfectly seasoned every time. 

Mama Bear’s Kitchen is located beside the First Hawaiian Bank in Waimea on Kauai’s west side. It’s a brilliant stop when you’re on your way to Waimea Canyon or to one of the West Side’s gorgeous beaches. 

Insider Tips:
-Want a coffee to go with your meal? Mama Bear’s doesn’t serve coffee, but there is a shop behind the food truck (Sugar Roots Kauai) that serves up excellent cold brew. 
-Traveling with little ones? The keiki (children’s) menu has something for smaller and/or more choosy palates. 
-Though the kitchen doesn’t have a seating area, they typically offer to bring your order out to your car when it’s ready–none of the uncertain waiting around for your name to be called that tends to occur at many food trucks.