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Elevating the Hawaiian Coffee Experience: Outpost Coffee Kauai
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By cultivating, harvesting, fermenting, roasting, brewing, servicing, and distributing coffee from the Kahiliholo Orchard, Outpost Coffee is on a mission to elevate the Hawaiian coffee experience. Each step of the process of producing coffee is engaged with meticulous attention to sustainability and detail, ensuring that every bag of coffee is uniquely infused along the way. The approach embraced by Outpost Coffee and Kahiliholo invites customers to learn all about the intricate nature of making coffee while being responsible and leaving the earth better than before. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Cultivating, harvesting, fermenting, roasting, brewing, and serving coffee from their home, Kahiliholo Orchard is the Outpost Coffee of Kauai. The Outpost Coffee is on the noble quest to elevate the Hawaiian coffee experience. The journey begins with the coffee plant itself and then the process is followed through with each step moving up the chain until connecting with the customer. 

The Outpost Coffee Kauai specializes in producing small-lot coffees. This allows for meticulous roasting of each and every batch, which showcases the unique terroir and regional respect that is infused along the way. The end result is a modern coffee that is made manifest one batch at a time, one satisfied customer at a time. 

Visiting Outpost Coffee gives guests an opportunity to experience the intricate nature of coffee. As part of their inclusion on the tropical island of Kauai, this company features a sustainable approach to modern coffee and invites all guests to join in the experience. 

Interestingly enough, the motivation behind the founding of Outpost Coffee finds its way far from the shores of Kauai and instead finds its home in a quaint New Zealand seaside town. The founder of Outpost Coffee, whose roots are found in that New Zealand town, found themselves working in a Kiwi bar equipped with an espresso machine that no one seemed to know how to operate. Having experienced the way coffee can bring people together, perpetuating a communal experience, the founder then dedicated himself to learning more about the art of coffee. 

Through local coffee shops which became the owners’ classroom, along with keen inquiry and observation, the founder of Outpost Coffee practiced their day’s findings each evening until he eventually had a refined aroma for coffee, complete with an infused atmosphere. The connection that is created through serving and preparing coffee is something that inspired the opening of Outpost Coffee, sprouting from the owner’s own background and a new understanding of the art surrounding this endeavor. 

Outpost Coffee has pioneered the modern coffee paradigm, by relinquishing the old colonial system of keeping the producers of the coffee impoverished. Instead, their goal is to produce a world-class product that everything and everyone in the chain of creation can thrive from. Outpost Coffee owner opened the company in the rich growing region of Kauai, where his role of barista expanded to include coffee machine technician, farmer, roaster, buyer, seller, producer, and company founder. The delight of having customers come together to enjoy a good cup of coffee will never lose its novelty at Outpost Coffee.

The Kahiliholo Orchard, which produces the coffee available at Outpost Coffee, was formerly an abandoned orchard that the owner of Outpost Coffee acquired in 2018. At that time, the grounds were consumed by seven years of tropical jungle growth and the plants were weary from fighting to survive. Thankfully, the owner was able to resurrect the depleted orchard and cleared it, pruning new growth and utilizing every piece of usable material. 

It was a daunting and overwhelming task to be sure, but the plants responded rapidly to the attention and much-needed nourishment. Through trial and error, a new ecosystem was created via sustaining systems along with the implementation of traditional techniques. Two years went by before the trees were full of vibrant foliage, with fresh blooms of healthy fruit that then could be transformed into delectable coffee. 

The Outpost Coffee and the Kahiliholo Orchard represent the value of putting time into something of value through patience, intention, and perseverance. Investing in this abandoned, overgrown orchard has now produced great dividends not only for this company but for the area soil, wild chickens, companion plants, and coffee community overall. 

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-Outpost Coffee specialty blends are also available to purchase online via the online store.
-Guests can subscribe to the Outpost Coffee Kauai website for additional information, news, and updates.