The Shrimp Station – Waimea

Shrimp Station - Saucy Shrimp & Speedy Service
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Something a little more low-key, the Shrimp Station offers a wide variety of some messy but delicious meals! From coconut shrimp dogs this roadside window offers your paper plate with a little bit of everything.

- The Local Expert Team

Shrimp Station serves fresh shrimp prepared in multiple ways. With juicy shrimp, messy sauces, and fast service, this place has everything that a roadside stand should.

The shrimp here are breaded, fried, steamed, and sauced. Sauteed dishes like Garlic Shrimp, Cajun Shrimp, and Thai Shrimp will have you licking your fingers clean, while Beer Battered Shrimp and Coconut Shrimp are less messy fried options. Go for the Shrimp Tacos or Shrimp Burger if you want something a little different, or get two dishes if you can’t decide.

The sauteed and fried dishes come with about 10 juicy and large shrimp, and the tacos and burgers are what you’d expect. Most dishes come with a side of white rice or fries, although chips and salsa are substituted with tacos. 

Hot dogs are on the menu if an alternative to shrimp is really needed, but that’s about the only non-shrimp entree option. Unless you can make a meal out of Haagen Dazs ice cream, that is.

Drinks include non-alcoholic sodas, juices, and water, and a couple of other prepacked ice cream treats to complement the Haagen Dazs dessert offering. These are all worth considering, but it’s the shrimp that everyone comes for.

All of this is served roadside from a window. Take your paper plate to a nearby picnic table, or get yours to-go and head somewhere else before you eat.

A few of our menu favorites at Shrimp Station include:

Shrimp Cocktail
Need an appetizer to hold off hunger until your main meal comes? The Shrimp Cocktail is simple but scrumptious. Few places have shrimp this fresh and juicy, and that cocktail sauce is made just right.

Sweet Chili Garlic Shrimp
Sauteed with garlic and glazed with sweet chili sauce, these shrimp have all sorts of flavors. Enjoy the heat that comes with your initial bite, and the sweetness that lingers after your last.

Coconut Shrimp
Get shrimp the island way. Light breading with coconut makes this a local favorite. The papaya ginger dipping sauce that comes on the side perfectly complements the coconut.

Shrimp Tacos
Don’t feel like peeling whole shrimp? The Shrimp Tacos are filled with chopped (and peeled) shrimp, making this one of the least messy dishes on the menu. Fresh vegetables, cheese, and homemade salsa fill out the rest of the two tortillas.

Shrimp Burger
Another no-peel option that’ll keep your fingers relatively clean, the Shrimp Burger comes with lettuce and tomato on top. Papaya ginger tartar sauce is served on the side for dipping — you can decide whether to dip the burger or the fries. (Add on a second sauce for 75 cents if you’d like to dip both.)

Shrimp Station looks like a low-key roadside stand without pretense, and that’s exactly what it is. Low-key and relaxed doesn’t mean bad, though. This place has some of the best shrimp you’ll find on the island — or anywhere else for that matter. Come here, and taste how good shrimp can be.

Insider Tip:
With everyone eating outside and nearby garbage bins, flies can be annoying here. If you see too many flies, ask for your dishes to-go and head for one of the nearby parks or green spaces.