Island Crave’s Kauai

Island Crave's Kauai - For All That You Crave and More
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4.5 / 5
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The Island Crave’s Kauai is an establishment rich in community involvement. Owners of the eatery are happy to feature local products and provide some of the very best options when it comes to cravable treats like donuts, soft serve ice cream, pizza and other homemade goodies to the island of Kauai. 

- The Local Expert Team

Situated on one of the most remote and beautiful islands in the world, Kauai, is the local eatery that is quickly growing in popularity—Island Crave’s Kauai. You get exactly what you might expect when visiting Island Crave’s as it offers a little bit of everything from specialty doughnuts to pizzas, coffee, and soft ice cream. Don’t fret as they also account for those of you who have some nutritional limitations by offering gluten-free and vegan treats as well.

When arriving at Island Crave’s, the first thing you will likely notice is the bold painting/mural on the building itself of doughnuts hitting the waves, enjoying the beautiful ocean. There is also a pizza and coffee along with malasadas featured to further exemplify what is served in this beloved island locale. The colors are all brilliant and the design is cartoonish which exudes a laid-back feeling befitting the island. 

Move on inside to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the premises, taking advantage of the small in-person dining options at Island Crave’s Kauai, or get your treats to go and enjoy your day in paradise fueled by some tasty goodies. The walk-up bakery-like setup is diminutive in size, being only a 428-square-foot space, yet provides a welcome home away from home atmosphere to guests and locals alike.

Owners of Island Crave’s Kauai, Brice, and Raven Hohenberger are natives of Texas who moved to Kauai from the mainland around five years ago to reunite with family. The couple had been visiting the island for more than 20 years and have a rich history in place, allowing them to plant roots and begin offering Kauai residents and guests alike some tasty treats. The owners really mean what they say when naming their eatery Island Crave’s as they have a suggestion box that allows guests to request certain “cravings” and the eatery will comply when possible. 

The long-term goal of the Hohenbergers is to connect with the community by providing local business products as well as featuring a community bulletin. The mobile app utilized by the Island Crave’s Kauai is also unique. It provides delivery of the products and services offered. They also attempt to keep their prices affordable. Their app is uniquely designed to work much like Dominos in that you order via the app, paying for it through the ordering process and your food is on its way to your door. This works well if you are staying locally in the area but don’t want to leave the comfort of your room to get a tasty treat. It is also great for locals in that they too have easy access to all the delectable treats offered at Island Crave’s Kauai. 

Here are some favorites you must try when visiting Island Crave‘s:

Though their specialty is doughnuts and pizza, you must try the made-from-scratch malasadas during your visit. Keep in mind, a recent patch of 400 sold out in around 30 minutes. This gives you an idea of how popular this treat is on the island. 

Soft Serve
What is better with a pizza than to finish it off with soft-serve ice cream? Or, you can enjoy a cool treat after a day at the beach! Either way, don’t forget the soft-serve ice cream options at Island Crave’s as they are delicious!

Don’t allow the abundance of options to distract you from trying one of the Island Crave’s Kauai specialty donuts! They offer a wide variety of options, themed for the seasons and all are made fresh. 

In addition to all the goodies you could want, Island Crave’s Kauai also offers an abundance of fresh options for pizza. Choose from several options for toppings, including pineapples for an enjoyable treat at lunch or dinner.

Insider Tip:
Island Crave’s Kauai proudly offers a 30% discount to all first responders. So, nurses, lifeguards, and those who dedicate their lives to serving their communities can enjoy a special treat at a discount.