Harley’s Tropical BBQ

Harley's Tropical BBQ Steak and Seafood - Sweet and Spicy Fare Served in a Beloved Establishment
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Harley's Tropical BBQ Steak and Seafood has managed to stand out in Hawaii for its signature sauce and savory meats. From the teriyaki to the tinono, it boasts an authentic menu that draws on anything from Filipino to Korean classics. We highly recommend this casual eatery for an affordable and delicious way to enjoy some of the island's tastiest delights. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Harley’s Tropical BBQ Steak & Seafood in Lihue has gone through a few iterations over the past 15+ years. In 2005, the current owners renamed the eatery Harley’s Tropical BBQ. After the restaurant was relocated, its name was updated and its menu got a refresh. 

This place is beloved by locals for its beef plates, ribs, and sweet tropical sauces. Now in Puhi Industrial, the staff is thrilled to be back in action. Casual and friendly, this no-frills spot is big on flavor. Customers are particularly impressed by the tangy teriyaki and BBQ and fall-off-the-bone meats. The restaurant is as unassuming as they come, and it would be easy to miss if you weren’t looking for it. A true hole-in-the-wall, it’s worth a second glance for its excellent customer service and bold plates. 

Here are our top choices from the main menu. (Please note that all of the following dishes come with white rice, brown rice, or French fries, as well as a side salad or macaroni salad.)

BBQ Beef Ribs 
The signature BBQ sauce is on full display in the BBQ beef ribs. Every morsel of the tender meat is heightened by the dripping glaze, and you can taste the infusion of the marinade in every bite. People love this one so much that the menu points out it’s not always available. 

Pork Belly Tinono 
Tinono is essentially another word for BBQ, and it’s a word you don’t need to explain to anyone on the islands. This Filipino classic is a staple in Hawaii, and it’s a must-have when you’re here. Deep spices and flavorful sauces make tinono the perfect blend of succulent and savory. This dish is served with your choice of fish sauce, tomato & onion sauce, or spicy shoyu, vinegar & onion sauce. 

Teriyaki Beef Plate 
The teriyaki beef plate is marinated and basted with Harley’s homemade teriyaki sauce. (With just the right amount of dip, any of the teriyaki dishes will be big hits.) Applauded by both adults and kids alike, teriyaki takes beef into another dimension. 

Sauteed Mahi Mahi 
This local fish is packed with flavor and it’s particularly recommended for those at the table who think they don’t like seafood. At Harley’s, the fish is served with a white cream sauce, capers, and mushrooms. Whether you enjoy alongside French fries or rice, either is a great choice to offset this flaky Hawaiian delicacy. 

Kalbi Ribs 
This Korean dish is known for the sweet and savory sauce that covers the meat. One of the reasons why Harley’s Tropical BBQ was able to sustain its presence with the locals was due to this favorite. Made special by Harley’s homemade teriyaki, this is a delicious way to sample the best of two cultures.

Harley’s Tropical BBQ Steak and Seafood has endured for its service and tasty flavors. People who come here are amazed that such an unassuming place can be so satisfying. While it may not be in the most fashionable part of town, you’re sure to run into some serious foodies who know where to look for a memorable meal. 

Insider Tips:
-The BBQ beef ribs never disappoint but availability may be limited. 
-All plates come with a variety of side options, but there are no substitution requests allowed on the main menu. 
-Parking is somewhat limited, but the location is conveniently located near the airport.