Da Fazenda

Enjoy a Taste of Brazil in the Heart of Hawaii at Da Fazenda
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The Da Fazenda is a food truck, serving Brazilian fare in the heart of Hanalei, Kauai, and is inspired by the owner’s great-grandfather’s farm built-in 1924, in Goias, Brazil. All dishes are authentic and unique. Offering, something truly different than the traditional food choices typically found in Kauai. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Da Fazenda is a food truck located on the north shore of Kauai, in the heart of Hanalei Town. The term Da Fazenda translates to “from the farm,” in the Portuguese language, a name which pays homage to owner Rodrigo’s great-grandfather’s farm originally built-in 1924 in Brazil.  

Growing up, Da Fazenda owner Rodrigo spent his childhood farming, riding horses, and getting into mischief, all while helping his mother cook delicious meals on their wood-burning stove. Today, Rodrigo and his wife bring their love for the family farm to the heart of Hanalei where they proudly serve traditional Brazilian dishes. 

In addition to the Brazilian fare served at Da Fazenda, the brand also offers themed shirts, hats, and even hot sauce that features the Da Fazenda logo. This hot sauce called Da Fazenda Hot Sauce is made from scratch with locally grown peppers and contains no vegetable oils or preservatives and is available in a five-ounce glass bottle. It, along with the themed apparel can be purchased online. The hot sauce can also be purchased in various locations throughout Hawaii in addition to the Da Fazenda food truck. The hot sauce makes a great addition to a wide range of dishes.

When in Kauai, be sure to stop by and try some authentic Brazilian dishes from Da Fazenda and try the following superb dishes…

Brazilian Plate
This dish includes your choice of grilled protein served with house-made slow-cooked beans, garlic rice, Brazilian salsa, farofa, and your choice of one seasonal side. Protein choices include chicken, steak, sausage, or shrimp. 

Vegetarian Plate
Another guest favorite is the vegetarian plate, which features your choice of two seasonal veggies slides as well as slow-cooked beans, Brazilian salsa, garlic rice, and farofa. 

Moqueca Plate
This option includes wild-caught ono and shrimp stewed in coconut milk, bell peppers, garlic, tomatoes, and herbs. It is served with pirao, garlic rice, farina, Brazilian salsa, and one veggie side. 

Fricasse (Veggie or Chicken) Plate
This dish features a house-made creamed corn that is layered on top of sauteed shredded organic chicken along with spices or local organic mushrooms, squash, and spices. Both options are sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and baked, then adorned with shoestring potatoes. You can then choose your choice of seasonal veggie to go along with garlic rice.  

Pineapple or BBQ Chicken Plate
This grilled chicken dish is served with Brazilian pineapple BBQ sauce, chef’s special salad, and garlic rice. 

Combo Plate
This dish features garlic rice, slow-cooked beans, Brazilian salsa, a choice of grilled protein, a seasonal veggie side, a choice of fricassee, and one pao de queijo (house-made Brazilian cheese bread made with tapioca flour and naturally gluten-free). Protein choices include steak, shrimp, chicken, or sausage BBQ skewer. 

A La Carte
You can also enjoy various items on their own at Da Fazenda, including chicken or steak skewers, garlic-lime shrimp or sausage skewer, rice or beans, and veggie side (options change seasonally based on availability), pao de queijo, organic fried egg, or hot sauce. 

This dish is served only on Saturday and Sunday. The specialty at Da Fazenda is the Feijoada. This is Brazil’s national dish, featuring pork belly, pork chops, Portuguese sausage, slow-cooked black bean stew served with garlic rice, local organic collard greens, and local organic orange slices.  

To finish off the wonderful options you just have to try when visiting Da Fazenda, you have to learn about the drinks you can get. This includes the pineapple mint juice, made with Hawaiian pineapples and organically grown Kauai mint, organic mango lemonade, and mate com limao, an organic fairtrade iced mate tea mixed with organic lemonade. 

Insider Tips:
-The Da Fazenda hot sauce is also available at Papaya’s Natural Foods, Hanalei Liquor Store, Norish Hanalei, and Healthy Hut Market and Cafe. 
-Da Fazenda stands for fresh, healthy food dishes from the farm. 
-Veggies are available based on what is in season locally.