Big Monster Sushi Food Truck

Big Monster Sushi Food Truck – Serving Up Big Sushi Flavors from Their Little Kauai Food Truck
The Bottom Line:

Is fresh, flavorful sushi calling your name? If so, it’s time to satisfy your cravings for pure deliciousness with a trip over to the Big Monster Sushi Food Truck. Set deep in the heart of Old Koloa Town, this little cart promises to exceed all your expectations each time you visit.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you’re in the mood for fresh-made sushi absolutely bursting with flavor, you’ll want to jet on over to the Big Monster Sushi Food Truck. Although you might recoil at the mere thought of getting sushi out of a truck, it’s definitely worth giving them a try anyway. They go all out in sourcing the freshest seafood each day from local fishermen, and then use their culinary prowess to whip up each order with flair.

The results are phenomenal, too, especially if you’re used to getting your sushi from high-end restaurants only. You’ll be hard-pressed to see a difference, after all, making you wonder where this little food truck has been all your life. Thankfully, you can pretty much always find them awaiting your arrival deep in the heart of Old Koloa Town. They keep their truck parked in the same spot day in and day out, so their loyal patrons never have to search for their exceptional sushi fare.

Although their fresh seafood draws the biggest crowds, their vegetarian fare is just as good. For a truly mind-blowing meatless dish, try their Veggies Poke Bowl. With its fried tofu, sushi rice, and tons of fresh veggies, you won’t even notice that it’s missing the fish. Prefer a veggie-rich sushi roll or two? Treat yourself to their Asparagus Tempura Roll, Japanese Sweet Potato Roll, or Avo Q Roll for a unique take on sushi decadence.

No matter what you order, be prepared to wait up to 30 minutes for your selections to arrive at the window. They handroll each order using fresh, local ingredients, always taking care to perfect their flavor combinations and presentation. All the textures are on point, too, arriving on your plate with just the right amount of tenderness and crunch.

Once you get your order, you can settle down at the tables next to the truck and dig in. Just be sure to watch out for the opportunistic chickens. If you turn your back for just one moment, they’ll swoop in for a quick taste before you have a chance to respond. 

Come by Big Monster Sushi Food Truck for a taste of their:

Angry Tuna
The Angry Tuna appetizer is the perfect way to whet your appetite and get ready for all the big flavors to follow. In this dish, you’ll find all your favorite flavors, including jalapenos, cream cheese, and spicy tuna. Scallions, spice mayo, unagi sauce, and tempura bits bring it all together, leaving you practically licking the plate clean.

Samurai Roll
For all the best flavors in every bite, you’ll want to try their ever-popular Samurai Roll. They create this fan-favorite by rolling up shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber with sushi rice. After that, they top it with both tuna and salmon before drizzling on the spicy mayo and unagi sauce. Right before serving, they add flying fish roe, scallions, and tempura bits over top to elevate the flavors even more.   

Philly Sushi Burrito
If you arrive with a big appetite, you can easily get your fill by ordering up the Philly Sushi Burrito. This monster entrée features a mix of sushi rice, avocado, cucumber, and mixed green salad all wrapped up in a seaweed wrapper. Once that’s together, they drizzle the entire burrito with unagi sauce and spicy mayo to complete this amazing dish.

Want to kick your special occasions up a notch? Just call ahead to order tantalizingly delicious sushi platters to go. They pack each platter with tons of sushi rolls, allowing you to feed a crowd with just a few platters on hand. You’ll want to get extra though, for sure, because your guests won’t want to stop chowing down after getting a taste of all the sushi goodness. 

Insider Tips:
-If you’d like your order to be ready when you arrive, just give them a call before you leave your hotel. They work fast though, so you’ll want to be ready to head out the door after finishing the call.
-Since most of their meals are finger food, don’t expect to get a fork automatically. You can ask for one though and they’ll happily oblige.