Wake Up Delicious Coffee Bar

Wake Up Coffee Bar - Colorful Cafe With Creative Fare
Local Expert's Rating:
3.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

A surf-themed coffee bar awaits your presence in Kauai. Service at Wake Up Coffee Bar is polite yet prompt, making this a great place to start off a day when you have other things to do.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Wake Up Coffee Bar serves creative coffees and breakfasts in a surf-themed atmosphere. The menu items are as creative as the decor, yet this is also a place where you can get a quick bite and be on your way.

Both the brewed coffee and espresso at Wake Up Coffee Bar are Kona beans from the islands. A brewed cup will cost you $4 but comes with a refill, and that’s one of the cheapest deals you’ll find anywhere for Hawaiian Kona coffee. Pay a little more to get it as an espresso-based cappuccino or latte if you prefer something fancier.

The breakfast menu features traditional options, but you’ll want to forgo the pancakes and scrambled eggs for a fancy bagel or cinnamon-caramel french toast. The bagels are the best you’ll find on Kauai per locals, and the other less traditional dishes are popular with vacationers and locals alike.

Lunch is also available at Wake Up Coffee Bar, but selections change daily and can be limited. You can ask a server for the day’s menu. Sit down for a meal if you like the choices, or get a cup of Kona coffee and head elsewhere for your midday nourishment.

All of this is served in an atmosphere that’s colorful fun, yet has a business size too. The staff at Wake Up Coffee Bar is polite but prompt, and they’d appreciate it if you dined in like manner. There are beaches and waves waiting if you’d prefer to linger — and they can get you a coffee-to-go.

Few eateries combine the service of a blue-collar cafe with the quality and creativity of a festive restaurant. Wake Up Coffee Bar is the perfect place to go when you want a great meal but also need to be on your way.

A few of our favorite menu items at Wake Up Coffee Bar include:

Black Brewed Coffee
Hawaiian Kona coffee is among the best coffees throughout the world, and having it brewed is the perfect way to experience the flavor. You’ll be able to sense the aromas, notes, and other traits when the coffee isn’t adulterated with milk or sugar. At least try a sip black before you add any extras.

Churro French Toast
Baked toast that would make even chefs in France proud, the Churro French Toast at Wake Up Coffee Bar is rolled in cinnamon sugar and comes with caramel for a heavenly combination. There’s a half order but get the full one. You’ll likely eat it all, and leftovers are delicious.

Bagel and Cream Cheese
Even among such fancy dishes, the bagels are many people’s favorite at Wake Up Coffee Bar. Skip the larger plates for a simple bagel and cream cheese. You’ll wonder why anything else is on the menu once you take a bite.

Fisherman’s Breakfast
An Everything Bagel loaded with housemade smoked ono (mackerel-like fish), onion, tomato, lettuce, and sprouts. Every angler needs their veggies.

Spicy Sprout
Artichoke, jalapeno cream cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and sprouts on a freshly made bagel. Only a sourdough bagel has enough flavor to be noticed underneath this combination.

Basic B
Need something gluten-free? The Basic B at Wake Up Coffee Bar is a more traditional two egg, sausage/bacon, and toast breakfast. You can sub out the toast for rice or tater tots, though.

Insider Tip:
Try ordering the pancakes at Wake Up Coffee Bar, and you may well get to meet chef/owner Lani Watson. She’s likely to come out and reprimand you for getting something so basic. Pancakes are on the menu, but be prepared to answer why you’re getting something so routine when there are much more exciting options on the menu (which aren’t necessarily priced higher).