Uncle D’s Kauai

Uncle D's Kauai – Where BBQ Takeout Meets Disc Golf Fun on the East Side
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5.0 / 5
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When you want to see what happens when people chase their many passions, head on over to Uncle D’s Kauai on the East Side. Their love for everything disc golf and barbecue shines through in all they do, treating you to an unforgettable visit each and every time. Lunch only happens on Wednesday through Friday – and when it’s over, it’s over.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you think disc golf and barbecue are a match made in heaven, you’re going to absolutely adore what’s on tap at Uncle D’s Kauai. Every day of the week, they dedicate their time to helping all their loyal patrons gear up for their upcoming games. In their modest East Side Kauai shop, they have all the best discs from the most popular brands, including Innova, Discraft, and Prodigy.

Whether you’re in the market for distance drivers and fairway drivers or midranges and putters, you’re welcome to select from the rainbow of colors and sizes from every brand they carry. When you’re ready to put your discs to good use, just ask where to get your throw on. They have the inside scoop on all the best courses across the island, including the ever-popular Weli Weli Disc Golf Park.

Plan your shopping right and you can fill up your belly right after you checkout. They start up the smoker early on Tuesday to get ready for Wednesday lunch service and then keep it on a low roar through Friday. The sky is the limit in what they might put in the smoker – and the dishes they create with their smoked meats vary as well. Most days, you can expect to see melt-in-your-mouth tender pork, whole brisket done right, and everything in between.  

No matter what they cook up, you can always count on chowing down on the tastiest barbecue fare around. Although their flavorful rubs are plenty good on their own, their custom BBQ and hot sauces often land on top, taking all their smoky flavors to the next level. You’ll want to get here early to enjoy it though because when they sell out, it’s over for the day.

Before you jet out after lunch, be sure to stop by their liquor section for craft beer, wine, and spirits. They even have mixers galore that you can use to jazz up your liquor selections even more.

Stop by for a taste of their:

Brisket Bites
When you want mouthwateringly good brisket burnt ends, just await the signal that brisket is on the way. Then, be sure to arrive early to get your hands on some of the burnt ends. They definitely go the fastest out of all their meats, so you’ll have to be quick on your feet to get a taste.

Mac and Cheese Boats
Their mac and cheese boats easily bring in the crowds from far and wide, and for good reason. They whip up each batch of mac and cheese with the perfect ratio of noodles to cheese sauce every single time. Then, they load it up in their paper boats before piling on the brisket bites, pulled pork, or even just a drizzle of their housemade BBQ sauce.

Philly Cheesesteak
Despite their distance from Philadelphia, this crew creates Philly Cheesesteaks with the best of them. To create this tasty sandwich, they put plenty of beef in the smoker until it’s got a perfect crust and is pull-apart tender in the middle. Then, they fry up sweet onions, bell peppers, and garlic before mixing in the beef and topping it with a slice of provolone cheese. The whole lot lands in a warm toasted bun before sliding into the takeout container along with beans and coleslaw.

When you want to try your hand at creating delicious meals all your own, let their signature BBQ and hot sauces lead the way. Sold by the bottle all throughout the week, these sauces can dress up any meats and veggies you want to cook up. The barbecue sauce is even incredible when slathered on thick slices of grilled pineapple. So, feel free to experiment all you want with their sauces to see just what you can create.

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-If you love all they do at this restaurant, disc golf store, and more, don’t leave without your swag. Who can live without a pair of “Get Saucy” shorts, after all?