Bobbie’s Restaurant

Bobbie's Restaurant – Serving Up Scrumptious Hawaiian Plates with Plenty of Aloha
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

When nothing else will do but homestyle Hawaiian plates done right, you definitely need to jet on over to Bobbie’s Restaurant. At this South Shore Kauai eatery, it’s easy to get your fill of all the fan favorites, including Huli Huli Chicken, Loco Moco, and Fried Saimin. Along with their delicious food, they offer tons of aloha to help ensure you feel right at home in an instant.

- The Local Expert Team

For next-level deliciousness that satisfies all your cravings, you can always count on Bobbie’s Restaurant. With a trip to this South Shore Kauai eatery, they serve up all the best Hawaiian plates, including Beer Battered Ono, Teri Beef, and Hamburger Steak. They don’t skimp on the portions either, ensuring that you always walk away with a full belly – and likely a doggie bag, too.

Although you’ll always want to bring your hunger to each visit, don’t wait too long to arrive or you’ll end up waiting in line with a grumbling belly. The place gets busy fast, after all, as it’s a favorite of tourists and locals alike. They often have a line going out the door from the start of the lunch rush through the rest of the day. Once you manage to get your order in, they do work quickly, however, serving up your selections faster than you might expect.

While you wait for your food to arrive, you can grab a table inside or head out front to their patio seating. Either way, expect quality service from the start to the end of your visit. The team always boasts big aloha to ensure that all their valued patrons feel right at home in their eatery. After plating up your meal, they’ll bring it out with a friendly smile and wish you the best dining experience around. Every dish comes in takeout boxes, so you can take it on the run or enjoy it right there if you wish.  

Their most popular combo meals include:

Bobbie’s Bento Action
When you get Bobbie’s Bento Action, you’re always sure to walk away stuffed full of all the best classic flavors. This bento box features teri beef, luncheon meat, shrimp tempura, and wing dings. You also get your choice of tossed greens, mac salad, or fried saimin on the side.

The Kekaha
Are you looking for bold flavors in every bite? If so, The Kekaha is definitely the way to go. This combo comes with your choice of hamburger steak, smoke meat, or roast pork as the main entrée. To that, they add Sista’s fried chicken and either mac salad, fried saimin, or tossed green salad.

Da Meatless Box
If you want to skip the meat without compromising on flavor, then treat yourself to Da Meatless Box. This dish comes with a large tossed green salad and your dressing of choice. To that, they kick it up a notch with ½ pound of sauteed mushrooms plus a big slice of garlic bread.

Da Surf ‘N Turf
For a taste of the best of both worlds, you cannot go wrong with Da Surf ‘N Turf. They create this masterpiece by frying up two pieces of beer-battered ono. Once that’s done, they add their teriyaki beef and shrimp tempura plus fried saimin, mac salad, or tossed greens alongside.

If you’d like a drink with your meal, head over to the refrigerator case to select your soda. They have all the best flavors on tap in regular and diet, so you can sip to your heart’s content while you enjoy your meal. You’re also welcome to bring your own drinks if you prefer something a little different.

Insider Tips:
-Stop by the ATM before you arrive because they only accept cash payments.
-Want to enjoy local art, live music, and more with your meal? Plan your visit for Friday night to catch the street fair running right along the front of the restaurant.
-There are no restrooms available, so plan accordingly.
-If you’d like to skip straight to enjoying your meal, call in your order before leaving your hotel. You’ll still have to stand in line to pay and get your food, but it’s much quicker than ordering onsite.