Avalon Gastropub

Avalon Gastropub – Serving Up Culinary Masterpieces Alongside Craft Cocktails Galore: TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At the Avalon Gastropub, foodies rejoice with one look at their inventive menu – and yet again upon tasting all the decadent morsels they whip up at this East Side Kauai eatery. From Truffle Fries to Pub Steak, they have a little something for everyone, especially if you have a rather ambitious palate. Plus, they have Jalapeno Smoked Margaritas, Whiskey Mai Tais, and many other craft cocktails, too!

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

As the only of its kind island-wide, the Avalon Gastropub serves as a prime spot for phenomenal food, flavorful cocktails, and great company always. At this cozy East Kauai eatery, they go above and beyond in creating innovative menu items and then whipping them up using every last bit of their culinary expertise. The husband and wife duo are onsite night after night, intent on making every meal a memorable affair for every one of their guests.

All their dishes feature the highest quality of ingredients from local suppliers. Their greens come straight from local farms where they’re grown with care. The remainder of their ingredients is handpicked for flavor, color, and freshness.

With the right ingredients in hand, the team makes magic happen using their ingenious menu as a guide. Their prep and cooking techniques are second to none, all designed to bring out all the bold flavors from every ingredient. They smoke all their meat and veggies in-house, for example, transforming them into the beloved menu items that bring people in from far and wide.

With hits like Cherry Whiskey Smash, Lilikoi Margarita, and Kauai Mojito, their hand-crafted cocktails easily bring in the crowds as well. In fact, Avalon Gastropub has the largest cocktail and whiskey program on the island! Beyond making sure all the right flavors are there, they go big on the flair as well, often using island fruit and flowers to take their drinks to the next level.   

Their must-try items include:

Scotch Egg
With its rich smokey flavors and crisp fried exterior, the Scotch Egg is pure perfection in every bite. This appetizer starts with a soft-boiled egg that’s cushioned in a layer of pork belly sausage. Then, the whole lot rolls in the breading and lands in the fryer where it reaches a light golden brown. Right before serving, it gets cut in half and placed on local greens and a dipping cup of chipotle dijon-aise arrives alongside.

Smoke House Poutine
When all you want is comfort food taken to great heights, the Smoke House Poutine is the way to go. To build this tasty appetizer, they start by creating a bed of French fries cooked to a light crisp. Over that, they add cheese curds, house-smoked brisket, and gravy before plopping a poached egg right on top.

Pub Steak
A gluten-free fan favorite, the Pub Steak offers the perfect blend of flavors without going overboard on the ingredients. They start simply with an eight-ounce hangar steak from the masters of meat themselves, The Makaweli Meat Co. After cooking it to your preferred level of doneness – rare is definitely best – they plate it up over a river of teriyaki sauce. Then, they put a pat of chipotle butter over the steak before adding either French fries or garlic mashed potatoes along the side.

Jalapeno Smoked Margarita
A definite showstopper, the Jalapeno Smoked Margarita lets you revel in all the best smoky flavors sip after sip. The ingredients remain a tightly-kept secret, although the presentation is the talk of the town. As this drink arrives hidden under a mini keg, you’ll hardly be able to conceal your excitement as they pull off their great reveal.

Although it’s easy to talk all day about how good their food and drinks are, it’s important to note that this little eatery has a much smaller dining room than they need. As a result, they’re often filled to the brim with delighted patrons and occasionally struggle to keep up with demand. Despite that, they provide truly friendly service that helps you feel right at home from the moment you arrive until you walk back out the doors. Although there’s often a little bit of wait for drinks and each course, it’s well worth sticking around in eager anticipation for your orders to land on the table.  

Insider Tips:
-Seating is rather limited, so don’t be surprised if you have quite a wait for a table to open up.
-The menu items rotate on a regular basis, so there’s always something new to try.
-They’ve just been approved to start construction in Kilauea! They’ll be moving towards that in the end of 2022, so keep an eye out for some more goodness.