Kind Koffee Company

Kind Koffee Company -- Kauai-Roasted Coffees Served Within a Local Boutique Center
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5.0 / 5
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Kind Koffee Company is a lovely little coffee shop that sits within the unique boutique shopping center of Warehouse 3540 -- yes, an actual warehouse. Go here for hot espresso drinks made from fresh Kauai roasted coffee beans and to enjoy sipping said beverages while browsing local, handcrafted products. 

- The Local Expert Team

All the larger islands of Hawaii boast a culture rich in creativity and artistic endeavors, and you will often find badges declaring things locally made. Of course, it is hard not to be inspired to create and build beautiful things in such gorgeous places as the island of Kauai; an island boasting so many stunning landscapes and lovely people. It’s thus fitting that a cute and creative coffee shop truck like the likes of Kind Koffee Company sits right near the heart of the island within the equally-creative Warehouse 3540, just becoming you to come to grab a coffee and meander along with the building’s many creative stalls.

Warehouse 3540 is a special artist-focused shopping center located just off of Koloa Road leading into Poipu. This multi-faceted shopping center specializes in featuring local products and amplifying local artisans and entertainers. Just about everything sold here was made or otherwise produced here, and the coffee and treats served up by Kind Koffee Company are a perfect fit.

The people behind Kind Koffee Kompany operate the little coffee shop out of a vintage two-wheeled camper trailer. You will find this vintage camper trailer parked along a far wall of the warehouse with a few metal tables sitting in front of it. There is an open warehouse door beside the camper, so you can sit down with your caffeinated beverage of choice and enjoy both cool breezes and people watching. There is even a small patio area just outside this door with more tropical landscape backdrops.

The camper trailer itself is not very tall, and you might wonder how the barista behind the serving window can so comfortably and easily make all of your desired espresso and other specialty drinks — but they complete them well! 

The coffees served by Kind Koffee Kompany come from local roasting companies (most of the beans come from the Imua Coffee Roasters which is also located on the island of Kauai) and many of their specialty drinks even include locally-sourced and made syrups, such as their Hawaiian Vanilla Late that includes Kauai grown vanilla bean syrup. 

The most popular menu items at this coffee trailer shop are their espresso drinks. The baristas here are experts with the steam wand, creating the perfect froth and foam for espresso favorites like cappuccinos and lattes. And not just your standard cappuccinos and lattes as there are plenty of specialty flavors to choose from, including that aforementioned Hawaiian Vanilla Latte and a Lava Flow Latte that features raspberry and coconut syrup. 

While espresso-based drinks are the specialty of Kind Koffee Kompany, they are by no means the only beverages you will find on-site. Other popular drink choices include:

Hot chocolate
What better than a fresh hot chocolate on a rainy or otherwise chilly morning? You don’t have to be in a snowy landscape to appreciate a cup of steaming chocolate milk.

Homemade Chai Tea
This is a local favorite for those days when you’re not quite wanting a coffee, nor something excessively sweet. 

Most of their drinks are available both as a standard hot drink or as an iced drink. Can’t drink traditional cow’s milk? No problem. Non-dairy milk is available for all drinks for a small surcharge of 75 cents, with the exception of soy milk which is an available free milk alternative or substitution. Non-dairy milk options include almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. 

If you really find yourself a fan of their coffee, consider purchasing one of their branded t-shirts. They often have these shirts set up on a small hanger next to their trailer, all of which are available at a good price. As you probably expect, these shirts are locally screen-printed!

Insider Tip:
For at least your first visit to Kind Koffee Kompany, don’t rush your visit. Its location of Warehouse 3540 offers a perfect location for sipping and “window” shopping. It’s easy to spend an hour or even more wandering the boutiques here and talking with the local artisans and craftsmen who set up their wares here.