El Rey Del Mar

El Rey Del Mar – Get Your Fill of Tacos Right on the Waterfront in East Side Kauai
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

 If your idea of pure perfection is Baja-style eats served right on the beach, you need a trip to El Rey Del Mar in your life. At this East Side Kauai food truck, they regularly roll out the full menu of Mexican favorites, although their imaginative tacos steal the spotlight.  

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

For Baja-style deliciousness served in ultra-big portions, all you have to do is jet on over to the El Rey Del Mar food truck. Located right off Kapaa Beach in East Side Kauai, this popular food truck goes all out in creating authentic Mexican food on the double. Although they always make it lickety-split, they never compromise on quality. From their decadent menu items to exceptionally friendly service, the team always strives for greatness in all they do.

Despite operating out of a food truck with a small footprint, their menu rivals the biggest Mexican restaurants on the island. In fact, the menu is so huge that it spans across the whole side of their truck. On top of that, they regularly roll out the sandwich boards with their newest creations, giving you the inside scoop of what they’ve been dreaming up lately.

So, you had better bring at least a few extra minutes to pour over the options before putting in your order. Otherwise, you could miss out on the most interesting items, although you’re always welcome to dip back over at your convenience for another taste. After finally choosing between all their incredible items, you’ll want to step up to the window to put in your order. As soon as you do, the team will breeze through the creation process to get your meal out the window in no time flat.

You’re welcome to park yourself at the umbrella-covered picnic tables out front while you wait. From there, you get a breathtaking view of the beach and oceanfront, making it the perfect spot to enjoy your meal. If you prefer to get a little bit closer, you can take your items to go and eat right on the beach.

Their most popular dishes at El Rey del Mar include:

King Nachos
If you want to whet your appetite in style, there’s perhaps no better way to do so than by ordering the King Nachos. To build this appetizer, they absolutely cover tortilla chips in steak, chicken, ham, bacon, and Portuguese sausage plus plenty of cheese. After putting it under the broiler until the cheese is melted and bubbly, they add guacamole, sour cream, and jalapenos.

Octopus Tacos Combo
A truly imaginative take on the taco experience, the Octopus Tacos Combo pairs all the best island and Mexican flavors. Available with either two or three tacos, they make this dish by cooking the octopus with tomatoes and onions. Then, they scoop the octopus into tortillas and top it with chipotle mayo sauce, guacamole, and cabbage. Rice and beans land alongside just before serving.  

Spicy Chicken Cheese Burrito
Big enough for two to enjoy, the Spicy Chicken Cheese Burrito will leave you smitten – and unwilling to share – after the very first bite. To create this dish, they cook the chicken in onions and tomato, and then melt cheese on top. Once that’s done, they wrap it up in a flour tortilla with chipotle mayo, rice, beans, guac, and even more cheese.

While it’s rather easy to fill up on all the appetizers and entrees on the menu, it’s well worth trying to save room for the flan. Often dubbed the best on the island, their Flan has the perfect sweet profile and smooth, creamy texture. Just be sure to get one for each person in your group because no one will want to share after tasting that first bite. Prefer something chocolatey instead? Get a slice of their super moist and delicious Chocolate Cake Flan.

Insider Tips:
-If you like a spicy kick, ask for extra chipotle sauce.
-The rather opportunistic wild chickens are always looking for a chance to chow down on unattended food. So, keep a close eye on your meal while sitting out front, and don’t give them any scraps.
-They have a minimum charge when paying by card, so bring cash if you just want a single taco and soda.