Taps & Hops Eatery

Taps and Hops Eatery – Where to Go for Hawaiian Classics and Tasty Drinks Galore
The Bottom Line:

When local grinds are calling your name, you can get your fill at Taps and Hops Eatery in East Side Kauai. Their Hawaiian classics never fail to hit the spot, while their beverage menu gives you seemingly endless ways to get your drink on. You’ll likely face a bit of a wait for service, but the TVs all around promise to keep you well-entertained in the meantime.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Taps and Hops Eatery goes above and beyond in handcrafting local grinds using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. From garlic shrimp and pork belly to kalua pork and the catch of the day, their dishes feature all the best island proteins plus they source their greens and other produce locally as well. All the resulting flavors are always spot on, so you can count on them to satisfy all your cravings for comfort food. They have big portions, too, allowing you to get your fill without spending an arm and a leg.

Beyond all their delicious food, their drink menu promises to delight, no matter what kinds of beverages you enjoy. When it comes to cocktails, they have a well-curated mix of Mojitos, Mai Tais, and everything in between. Most hard liquor enthusiasts come in for the shots, however, as they have a huge selection, including the top varieties of local rum.

If you prefer a craft brew, they have that, too, plus a good selection of wine by the glass.  When you’re not sure which brews to get, you can go with their beer flight, which comes with a triple dose of five-ounce draft beers of your choice.

While the menu at this East Side Kauai eatery definitely ticks all the boxes, their leisurely service will have you kicking around longer than you might expect. With the current sports games playing on the TVs, you’ll likely stay well-entertained during your visit, although you’ll have to go without the announcers’ commentary. With the TVs on mute, they can keep pleasant music playing to create a chill ambiance that’s comfortable for all.  

Make sure to try their:

Loco Moco Fries
The Loco Moco Fries definitely take a popular classic to the next level, letting you whet your appetite with all your favorite flavors. They create this appetizer by frying up fries to a nice golden brown and then covering them with Kauai ground beef and brown gravy. An egg made sunny-side up lands on top to finish off this dish right before it comes to your table.

Cold Tofu
Although the name doesn’t hint at the perfection of this dish, the Cold Tofu has a huge following, making it well worth a taste whenever you stop by. To make this delightful appetizer, they slice a block of tofu thin, line it up on the plate, and then cover it in garlic soy sauce. Sesame seeds and sliced green onion go over that to help bring all the flavors together beautifully.

Pork Belly Bowl
If you want tender pork belly with a light, crisp crust, you cannot go wrong with the Pork Belly Bowl. To kick off this entrée, they create a big portion of sous vide pork belly before frying it up crisp. Once that’s done, it goes over a bowl of rice and leeks, and then gets garlic soy over the top.

Garlic Shrimp
Nothing beats fresh Kauai shrimp prepared right, which is just what you get when you order the Garlic Shrimp. This entrée begins as they sauté five whole Kauai shrimp in their tasty chili pepper garlic sauce. Once they’re cooked just right, they go on the plate next to two big scoops of rice and mac potato salad.

With two happy hours each day, it’s easy to enjoy all their excellent specials on food and drinks. For the first happy hour, swing by between 12 pm and 3 pm. Their second starts at 5 pm and then runs through 8 pm. During that time, they have a special happy hour menu featuring small bite plates plus their top beer, wine, and spirits.

Insider Tips:
-If you’re hoping to call and make a reservation, you’re more likely to get their voicemail as they’re usually far too busy to answer the phone. Despite that, even with big groups, you can usually get a table within the hour if you just show up.
-When the weather’s nice, their doors are open. But if you’re chilly, just ask and they’ll close it up a bit to help you stay cozy during your visit.