Seaview Terrace

Seaview Terrace – Enjoy a Light Breakfast, Dinner, or Cocktails Plus South Shore Kauai Views
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Amazing views plus tasty food and drinks await your arrival at Seaview Terrace. Set in the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, this quaint eatery goes light on the breakfast and dinner, although their cocktails are larger than life. Eating here awards you breathtaking views of South Shore Kauai along with great music and classic Hawaiian entertainment.

- The Local Expert Team

Whenever you want to start and finish your day off right, you can count on Seaview Terrace to come through in a big way. Located in the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa, this quaint restaurant makes it their mission to serve light fare for breakfast and dinner, plus cocktails, wine, and so much more.

The breakfast menu at Seaview Terrace simply centers around fresh-baked pastries, coffee, and tea. For the best morning dining experience, aim to come down right when they open, so you can watch the sunrise while you enjoy your selections. You’re welcome to chill on the terrace for as long as you want, giving you plenty of time to prepare for the day ahead. They keep serving breakfast until 11am, and then close up shop to prepare for dinner.

At 5 pm sharp, they open the doors for their dinner guests. As with breakfast, their dinner menu keeps things rather light. Most of their menu centers around small bite plates, like New York Steak Pupu Style. They go big on the island flavors though, thanks to their dedication to using the freshest, local ingredients. They even grow all their greens onsite in their hydroponic garden. Want to get a taste of their ultra-fresh and flavorful greens? Just order the Grand Hyatt Kauai Garden Greens.  

All evening long, they also roll out the scrumptious cocktails, which they lovingly dub liquid aloha. The alcoholic beverage options at Seaview Terrace don’t end there either. They also have sparking, red, and white wine plus bottled beer. Beyond that, their Kauai Style Coffee is out of this world delicious and comes with a dash of dessert liquor, like Kahlua, to make it even more interesting.

Prefer to keep alcohol out of the equation? Go with their mocktails instead, like the Mango Mint Cooler made with mango puree, housemade fresh sour, mint, and club soda. For something truly unique, try their Lilikoi Lychee Fizz mocktail, which features lilikoi puree, funkin lychee puree, lime juice, and club soda. The Tropical Smoothies at Seaview Terrace come without the alcohol as well unless you ask them to add a shot or two to the mix.

You’ll love these items at Seaview Terrace:

Yakitori Skewers
If you’d like to go on a unique surf and turf journey, just order the Yakitori Skewers. To create this appetizer, they load up each skewer with chicken, beef, and shrimp, and then throw them on the grill. As the meat and seafood cooks, yakitori sauce gets slathered all over before the skewers land on the plate with peanut sauce.

Veggie Roll
For a delightful sushi experience but without the fish, treat yourself to a Veggie Roll. This appetizer at Seaview Terrace features spinach, cucumber, avocado, and carrot rolled up with rice in a seaweed wrapper. Soy sauce and wasabi come alongside to help bring all the flavors together beautifully.

Lobster Dynamite
When nothing else will do but pure decadence in every bite, go with the Lobster Dynamite. They create this signature dinner entrée by cooking stuffed lobster tail just right alongside scallops and crab. Mushrooms, white onion, and garlic rice help all the flavors meld together, while the dynamite sauce and tobiko take the dish to the next level.

If you’d like to enjoy impressive Hawaiian entertainment performances while you dine, plan to stop Seaview Terrace by between 6 pm and 8 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7 pm and 9 pm, you can hear local musicians playing all their hits instead. So, plan your visits accordingly if you’d like tons of entertainment with your food and drinks.

Insider Tips:
-They automatically add an 18% gratuity to the bill when serving parties of six or more. They also do not split checks.
-When reading their menu, look for |gf| for gluten-free and |gfo| for gluten-free upon request. For their vegetarian fare, look for |v| and |vo|.
-If you cannot find a vegetarian dish you love, ask your server if they have any off menu items to consider.