Tiki Tzatziki

Tiki Tzatziki – Going Big on Mediterranean Flavor at Their Modest Kauai Food Truck
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4.5 / 5
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Whenever you want to take your lunch to the next level, set your sights on a visit to Tiki Tzatziki. Despite their low-key food truck aesthetic, you can trust that they’ll roll out all the best Mediterranean flavors in every dish. On top of that, their service is second to none, making it easy to make new friends along the way.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Located mere blocks from the popular Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park, you can find scrumptious Mediterranean delights made to order at Tiki Tzatziki. As this popular North Shore Kauai food truck comes into view, you might not immediately realize the sheer magic that flows through the order window on the daily. As soon as the scent of gyros and more tantalize your senses, however, you’ll get the drift, for sure.

In order to exceed their loyal patrons’ expectations, the team hits the ground running each day in the preparation of all their ingredients. To kick things off, they expertly season their lamb and chicken, and then put the meat on the rotisserie to spin all day long. Then, they chop, mix, and cook all their fresh, local ingredients, so they can get ready for the lunch rush to start in earnest. Once that’s done, they can throw open their order window and start whipping up their customers’ favorite creations.

To keep things simple and moving fast, they only have a few key items on their menu. Despite that, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself landing here again and again for another taste. Their Gyros are the star of the show, of course, although you definitely shouldn’t leave here without getting a taste of the Spanakopita. Their Couscous will leave you more than impressed as well, serving as the perfect way to round out your meal.

If you cannot manage to save room for their additional offerings after chowing down on your Gyro of choice, you can always try again the next day. Although they keep relatively short hours each day, they do open up their order window seven days a week. Each and every day, they’re always ready to take your order and serve up your food with a smile, too, helping you feel right at home. In fact, you’ll likely walk away with newfound friends as you chat up the friendly team at every visit.

Swing by to try their:

Well-known as the best on the island, the Gyros have the perfect balance of meat, veggies, and sauce wrapped in a piece of soft, airy pita bread. You can get your gyro filled with lamb or chicken fresh off the rotisserie or just go with the full veggie spread. On top of that, they occasionally roll out the jackfruit gyros for those who don’t eat meat or just want to switch things up.

For a cheesy, spinach-rich filling stuffed between layer upon layer of flaky phyllo dough, treat yourself to their fresh-made Spanakopita. Every order gets you one slice of heaven, perfectly sized for chowing down on the go. You’ll definitely want to stick around after you finish your first slice, however, as one or two more will undoubtedly be calling your name.

A filling side unlike anything else, the Couscous comes filled with all the best flavors on the island. They make this decadent dish by perfectly cooking couscous, and then tossing it with seasonal veggies. To finish it off right, the whole dish gets a generous sprinkle of feta cheese right before serving.

Although they do not have any seating available right by their food truck, you can usually find a seat somewhere around the Ching Young Shopping Center. If you don’t mind a short walk, it’s often best to go enjoy your meal at the Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park. While there, you can nosh on your tasty food while watching all the action out on the water and simply enjoying the beautiful view.

Insider Tips:
-Check the blackboard right up front before ordering, so you can see what specials they have. 
-They only accept cash, so stop by the ATM before putting in your order.
-Love their rich and flavorful tzatziki sauce? Just ask for extra on the side, so you can savor the flavors even more.