VIP Treats and Sweets

VIP Treats and Sweets – Scratch-Made Deliciousness Baked with Love: TEMPORARILY CLOSED
The Bottom Line:

Whether you need rolls for dinner or just want to satisfy your sweet tooth, VIP Treats and Sweets is the place to go in East Side Kauai. All their baked goods are made from scratch with love using the freshest island ingredients, so you know you’re in for a treat at each visit.

- The Local Expert Team

At VIP Treats and Sweets, they go above and beyond in making tasty baked goods using the freshest island ingredients. As owner, operator, and master baker, Marlana, starts each day by whipping up batch after batch of bread, cookies, cakes, and so much more. She continues baking as the day goes on, adding to the offerings and changing up the menu along the way.

To get a whiff of what’s baking up, you’ll need to head on over to the Kauai Village Shopping Center. As soon as you open the bakery doors, the heavenly scent of fresh baked goods will delight your senses. The sheer number of choices will undoubtedly leave you reeling as well, so be prepared to take a bit of time making your selections. Fortunately, you really cannot go wrong no matter what you choose, and you’re welcome to come back again and again for more.

Taro, macadamia nuts, and many other island ingredients contribute to all the deliciousness all around. Whenever there’s a chance to incorporate seasonal fare into the offerings, new items land in the bakery cases for everyone to enjoy. From Mountain Apple Cheesecake to Pineapple Upside Down Cake, the seasonal fare promises to impress from the first bite to the last.

Their top menu items include:

Made fresh daily (except Wednesday) from 7 am to 1 pm, the Malasadas bring people in from all over the island. These little deep-fried, cinnamon-sugar delights are always made to order right when you want them. Although each batch takes about 10 minutes to make, they are definitely well worth the wait. Don’t feel like hanging around? Just call up the shop to let them know you’re on the way, and they’ll have your order ready when you get there.

Sourdough Bread
A recipe created by the owner, herself, in 2015–you cannot leave this shop without a taste of the Sourdough Bread Loaves. The most popular bread at VIP Treats and Sweets, after one bite, you’ll want to leave with handfuls of this delicious bread made from scratch daily!

Banana Cake
With its rich fruit flavor and ultra-moist texture, the Banana Cake promises to satisfy your cravings for rich dessert in an instant. Although they keep their recipe a secret, you can count on every bite leaving you feeling wholly impressed. Each single-serving cake comes topped with light and fluffy cream cheese frosting that takes the flavors to the next level.

Lilikoi Chiffon Cake
If you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to go big on dessert, treat yourself to the Lilikoi Chiffon Cake. This cake starts with a decadent chiffon base and then gets passion fruit filling between each layer. You can go with the lilikoi curd or have the puree added to vanilla cream for an extra dose of sweetness. Either way, a tasty vanilla frosting goes over the completed cake plus cake crumbs to dress it up just a little bit more.

If you’re just in the area for a bit of a snack, take your selections over to Fuji Beach for a memorable dining experience. You can sit at the picnic tables or right on the sand, and then enjoy the amazing views while you get your grub on. After that, you can walk it off by taking a leisurely stroll along the water or by seeing just how many waves you can jump.

Insider Tips:
-From time to time, this bakery will close up shop for several days for a much-needed break. To find out when that happens, keep a close watch on their Facebook page.
-If you come in often, ask about their bread loyalty cards. Once you get stamps for nine loaves of bread, the 10th is free.
-When available, their food drive donation box serves as a great place to give back to the community. All food donated goes straight to the Kauai Food Bank.