Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House

Enjoy an Idealistic Setting and Beautifully Art at the Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House
The Bottom Line:

The Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House presents a perfect opportunity for island guests and locals alike to peruse various artistic offerings and enjoy a rich delicious treat from the coffee house. Even if you aren’t aiming to buy, visiting this idyllic setting, situated alongside the shoreline is a great way to see what talents the island has to offer in the form of artistic pieces in the gallery as well as grab a drink and some food on the way to the beach. 

- The Local Expert Team

Encompassing the greater part of the last two decades, owner Will Stewart has brought premium coffee, world-class art, and just general good vibes of the last outpost on Kauai’s North Shore in the form of Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House. Will named this beloved location after the iconic coastline he loves so much. The Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House serves as an ideal place to stop for locals and tourists alike, and it presents the last stop for food and beverages there is before arriving at Haena State Beach.

This unique shop also holds significance as a hub of creativity for Kauai-based artists. From paintings and photographs to fine jewelry, you can see this and many other beautiful inspirations of the island at this gallery. Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House’s owner Will has built long-standing relationships with local artisans and artists on Kauai and throughout the other islands. Subsequently, his gallery showcases breathtaking pieces of original art including glassware, paintings, carvings, jewelry, photography, and more. These pieces can be purchased by gallery guests and make the perfect lasting memory of an island vacation. Guests can also simply enjoy looking through the gallery as well as part of their day on Kauai.

The Coffee House part of the establishment holds its own as well by offering premium espresso drinks, soft drinks, juices, muffins, pre-made sandwiches, bagels, and more. Typical operating hours for Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House are open seven days a week from 7 to 12. Guests rave about this location, describing the service as extraordinarily friendly and the art as simply amazing, whether one is looking to buy or just looking to enjoy. It has also been heralded by coffee lovers as well for its daily offerings. 

You could not pick a more idealistic setting for an art gallery or coffee shop if you tried. The building is situated a short walking distance away from the rolling seas and a beautiful shoreline. Guests will truly feel as if they stepped into a piece of heaven on earth when they visit this establishment. While inside the quant shop, the smells of baked goods and rich espresso will greet guests as they peruse the beautiful homemade works of art that showcase the rich talent possessed by the island people. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything, taking a look around the gallery will give you an idea of the immense talent possessed by the people of the island and an idea of their cultural history.

When visiting Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House be sure to try…

The Smoothies
The rich, thirst-quenching smoothies are perfect for a day at the beach. Made with fresh ingredients.

The Coffee
While here, you must try some of our rich blends that bring together the best the island has to offer. A visit here is a great way to start your day off right with a coffee and baked goods. 

The Jewelry
While it might not be a menu item in the coffee house, don’t forget to stop in and look at the handmade jewelry featured in the Gallery section. Guests rave about the many items you can purchase and take back home with you as a memory of your experience. 

The Staff
Of course, what would a visit to the Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House be without a visit with the staff? Many guests comment on how kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable the staff is, so don’t be shy about saying hi!  

Insider Tip:
If you are interested in virtual shopping from the gallery, you can do so by contacting [email protected]