Lappert’s Hawaii

Lappert's Ice Cream – Serving Tasty Frozen Treats, Baked Goods, and Coffee of All Kinds
The Bottom Line:

If you’re looking to add an energizing kick to the day or just need to satisfy your sweet tooth, Lappert’s Ice Cream is the place to go in South Shore Kauai. At this locally-owned chain, you can count on consistently fantastic flavors that always leave you craving more. Just be sure to get ready for a long wait because the line is always going out the door.

- The Local Expert Team

At Lappert’s Ice Cream, they always go the extra mile in serving up the most decadent ice cream, baked goods, and coffee galore. As a family-owned and operated chain, this South Shore Kauai eatery keeps friendly service and a homey aesthetic at the heart of all they do. Between their tasty offerings, chill vibe, and quality customer service, it’s no wonder that the line goes out their door from open to close. But as long as you’re willing to wait a bit, you can easily satisfy all your cravings with each trip to this popular joint.

When it comes to their ice cream, their journey started with just two classic flavors – macadamia nut and vanilla – but they’ve definitely branched out since then. Now you can get everything from Coconut Pineapple and Banana Fudge to Kona Lava Java and Oreo Cookie Crunch. They even have four dairy-free flavors, like Auntie Lilikoi’s Passion Fruit Sorbet, for when you need to stay far from milk products.

Not long after rolling out their lineup of ice cream flavors, they decided to add freshly roasted coffee to the mix. They went well beyond simply sourcing their beans from island suppliers to actually roasting the coffee themselves. Through plenty of trial and error, they’ve perfected their process and produced all the best single-origin, Hawaiian, and aloha flavored beans.

With their perfectly prepared beans on tap, the crew can whip up any pour-over coffee and espresso drink imaginable. Out of all the options, their Kauai Pie Mocha is the most popular with its coconut, dark chocolate, and hazelnut flavors. If you like to keep it simple, then the Kona blue Mauka pour-over coffee might be more your speed. They also have whole leaf tea, spiced chai, hot chocolate, and many other scrumptious drinks.

To bring it all together, they offer the full range of baked goods for your pure enjoyment. Their cookies come in all the best flavors, like Chocolate Dipped Macadamia Nut Shortbread and Chocolate Chip. Plus, they regularly whip up Mango Bread, Brownies, Cinnamon Rolls, and so much more.

Their most popular dishes include:

Brownie Paina
As a part of their phenomenal volcanic sundae lineup, the Brownie Paina promises to take you on a whirlwind trip through all your favorite flavors. To kick off this dish, you’ll need to choose between their brownie and blondie as the base. Over that, they’ll add two ice cream flavors of your choice, and then cover it all in homemade hot fudge.

When you want your coffee and ice cream all in one, you cannot go wrong with the Affogato. They create this dessert-drink combo by putting the ice cream of your choice in a cup and covering it in a double shot of espresso. Then, it gets whipped cream over the top plus a waffle fan to finish it off right.

Kauai Pie Hui Hui Chiller
A blended coffee drink like no other, the Kauai Pie Hui Hui Chiller offers an energizing kick surrounded by tons of sweet flavors. This frozen blended drink starts with plenty of ice and organic dairy to create the base. To that, they add espresso, chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel to create your perfect flavor profile.

As you look over all their incredible ice cream flavors, expect to hem and haw over the options. If you cannot pick between them all, then just let them know you “Can’t Decide.”Upon uttering those magic words, they’ll fix you up with five ½ scoops of your top choices in a waffle bowl.

Insider Tips:
-In an effort to protect the environment, they only use paper straws, which can prove problematic when slowly sipping your milkshake. So, if you’d like to savor your selections, consider bringing your own reusable straw instead.
-If you miss their iced cream, coffee, and baked goods upon returning home, go to their website to put in your online order. They’ll ship your selections right to your doorstep, so you can keep enjoying their homemade goodness well after leaving the island behind.