Waikomo Shave Ice

Waikomo Shave Ice – Tasty Frozen Treats Made with All Natural Ingredients in South Shore Kauai
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5.0 / 5
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When you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, all it takes is a trip on over to Waikomo Shave Ice. A South Shore Kauai favorite, this ultra-cute stand goes above and beyond in handcrafting frozen treats made with all-natural ingredients. Their friendly aloha spirit shines through in all they do, too, making it well worth jetting over for shave ice and more.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Whenever you need to satisfy your cravings for sweet, frozen treats done right, you just have to jet on over to Waikomo Shave Ice. Nestled next to the Kukuiula Local Market in South Shore Kauai, this tiny stand goes big on flavor by only using fresh, local ingredients in their creations. Their syrups, for example, are only made from natural fruit purees. On top of that, they’re sweetened even more with either Kauai Blessed Bee honey or organic sugar.

Although Waikomo Shave Ice syrups boast big complex flavors, they keep things simple by only offering Shave Ice, Ice Cream, and Cold Coconuts. If you go with their Shave Ice, you’ll need to select two syrup flavors plus decide if you’d like Ice Cream underneath. They have both Vanilla and Macadamia Nut Ice Cream on tap, which you’re also welcome to get all on its own. Want to go all out with your Shave Ice experience? Get the awesome coconut bowl for even bigger scoops in a fun dish.

If you’d like something a little different, get the Ice Cold Coconuts at Waikomo Shave Ice, which come tapped with a straw for your sipping pleasure. Just drink down the coconut water inside for a refreshing blast of flavor, and then have them cut the remainder in half, so you can scrape out the sweet flesh. Bite by bite, your little coconut will give you a stunning taste of paradise at Waikomo Shave Ice while keeping you plenty busy for quite a while.

No matter what you order during your visit, the Waikomo Shave Ice crew will provide the friendliest service around to help you feel right at home. Their warm aloha spirit will inspire you to come back again and again in support of this little shave ice shop.

Excellent flavor combos at Waikomo Shave Ice include:

Coconut and Pineapple
A definite fan favorite at Waikomo Shave Ice, the coconut and pineapple flavor combo promises to tantalize your tastebuds from the first bite to the last. They start this shave ice delight by covering a big pile of ultra-soft and fluffy ice with all-natural pineapple and coconut syrup. Then, they put fresh pineapple chunks all over the top and cover it with coconut cream. A drizzle of honey goes over it all before this lovely treat lands in your hands.

Guava and Lychee  
For a true island classic, just order up the guava and lychee shave ice – and be sure to put macadamia nut ice cream underneath. With this flavor combo, you’re sure to start dreaming up a chance to come back for more well before you finish the last bite. To take the tropical aesthetic to the next level, get it all in a coconut bowl with an ice-cold coconut on the side.

Blood Orange and Raspberry
If you love bright, tart flavors in every bite, you cannot go wrong with the blood orange and raspberry mix. To kick it up a notch, ask for vanilla ice cream underneath the flavored ice, creating a creamsicle to remember. The raspberries on top bring it all together, although you can ask for pineapple chunks instead if you want to shake it up a bit.   

The tourist season brings out the crowds, resulting in quite a line to the order window. So, be prepared for a long wait at Waikomo Shave Ice before you can get a chance to grub on sweet, frozen deliciousness. Also, during that time, parking can prove rather tricky. You’re welcome to park across the street, however, if there’s no room in the lot. Just be careful crossing Poipu Road on your way to their stand.

Insider Tips:
-In addition to their sweet treats, Waikomo Shave Ice also sells Blessed Bee Honey and Lip Bliss gloss at their stand. Interested? Just ask the crew to see what’s available during your visit.
-Give your shave ice a little bit of a mix before digging in to help the syrups evenly spread through the plain ice.
-Want to know how to get more? Be sure to stay tuned because they are also opening up another location on Maui’s West side!