The Spot North Shore Kauai

The Spot – Serving Up Big Eats in North Shore Kauai While Keeping It Low-Key
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At The Spot, you can get superfood designed to fuel you up for all your North Shore Kauai adventures. With a visit to their lowkey eatery, you can get chef breakfast, acai bowls, and so much more. Plus, they proudly serve locally-roasted coffee and smoothies galore.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to get energized for your adventures ahead, you can always rely on The Spot in North Shore Kauai for the pick-me-up you need. Their chef breakfast and acai bowls are a great way to start your day, while their locally-roasted coffee and superfood soft serve provide a sugary kick. Beyond that, their quaint setting and friendly service help keep your dining experience lowkey at every visit.

Upon walking up to their quaint eatery, you’ll undoubtedly encounter quite the line. Although it might be tempting to turn back around and find somewhere else to eat, their food and drinks are well worth standing in line. Once you make it up to the order window, you can order off their menu or build your own Spot bowl.

If you go with the build-your-own option, expect to pick your bowl size, organic vegan soft serve base, and then up to four free blend-ins. The blend-in choices include tropical fruits of all kinds plus Oreo cookies, coconut cream chunks, and chocolate-covered almonds. You can go with superfood blend-ins, like peanut butter, chia seeds, and lilikoi puree, but they’re an extra charge.

At the end, you can add even more delicious ingredients as toppings, which range from local raw honey and hemp hearts to coconut flakes and macadamia nuts. Although they’re an extra charge as well, the cost is nothing compared to the burst of flavor and energy they provide.

No matter what you choose off their menu, you can trust that everything is made with fresh, local ingredients when possible. They hand-select all their meat, produce, and other ingredients to ensure that they only serve their patrons the very best.

Their most popular items include:

Kauai Thai Latte
Available in 12- and 16-ounce sizes, the Kauai Thai Latte promises to jumpstart your day just right. They make this drink by brewing up a double espresso using locally-roasted beans. Then, they add their decadent house-made coconut cream syrup and steamed milk.

The Wake’n’Bacon Bowl
On their chef breakfast menu, you can find a true fan favorite, The Wake’n’Bacon bowl. To create this dish, they scramble organic eggs, fry their house potatoes and bacon, and then throw it all together. After that, they melt cheddar cheese over the top before drizzling on the smoky chipotle crème and chopped chives. Want even more deliciousness in every bite? Add sauteed veggies, a pookela sausage patty, or both for a little bit extra.

The Signature Acai
With its bold fruit flavors and crunchy toppings, The Signature Acai never fails to impress. To build this bowl to order, they fill a bowl with their soft serve swirl, which features organic unsweetened acai plus vegan coconut cream or a pureed banana. Then, they pile on the toppings, including organic granola, coconut flakes, local fresh fruit, and a lilikoi drizzle.

The Chunky Monkey
If you’re in the mood for an early dessert, set your sights on The Chunky Monkey. To make the soft serve swirl, they combine chocolate-covered almonds, peanut butter, and banana plus vegan coconut cream. Then, for the toppings, you get peanut butter drizzle, chocolate drizzle, and fresh whipped cream.

Once you put in your order, you can grab a table in their outdoor eating area if there are any available. Since all their food and drinks are made from scratch with care, expect your order to take about 15 to 20 minutes to get ready. During that time, you can chat up with your fellow patrons or simply relax and enjoy watching all the action all around.

Insider Tips:
-If you want to keep it meat-free yet big on flavor, ask them about their Wake‘n’Bacon bowl served vegetarian style.
-You can get macadamia nut milk in your coffee and tea instead of the basic fare but expect it to cost extra.