Fish Bar Deli

Fish Bar Deli – Enjoy Tasty Eats, a Full Bar, and Specialty Market Fare in East Side Kauai
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

As a restaurant, gourmet marketplace, and full bar all-in-one, Fish Bar Deli is definitely a triple threat in East Side Kauai. Located in the heart of Old Kapaa Town, this popular venue keeps all the best flavors flowing at all times. Happy hour lets you take advantage of drink and food specials, although there’s never a bad time to visit.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to hit up a restaurant, full bar, and gourmet marketplace in one-stop, put Fish Bar Deli on your itinerary. At this popular Old Kapaa Town venue, they go all out in sourcing fresh, local ingredients and serving imaginative fare. They rethink traditional recipes to put a Kauai spin on all they do, ensuring you get a memorable meal at every visit.

Although they always seem to have the winning combo of items on their menu, they change it up on the regular. So, you have to visit often to get a taste of all their offerings. They even roll out a special holiday menu for their favorite occasions, giving you an all-new way to celebrate.

At each visit to Fish Bar Deli, you might find Empanadas stuffed with Okinawan purple potato, sweet corn, and queso fresco. Or you may encounter the ultra-wild and crazy Kim Chee Grilled Cheese featuring Kauai kim chee, fontina cheese, Hamakua Alii mushrooms, and extra strong Dijon mustard. As for their winter holiday fare, think Cajun Smoked Salmon Chowder, Holiday Lamb Burger, and FBD Eggnog, of course.

When it comes to their bar menu, they go big on the local flavors as well. Their signature cocktails always have a tropical kick plus plenty of fresh fruit in the mix. They don’t skimp when it comes to quality liquor either, so you can count on a strong kick from every drink.

Although the Fish Bar Deli and bar attracts the biggest crowds, their sustainable seafood counter and specialty market is well worth visiting as well. Their quality products make it easy to create a picnic lunch to remember, especially if you grill up your selections right on the beach. On top of that, their Slow Island flavored sea salt, Som Thai Basil drinking vinegar, and other gourmet market fare make excellent gifts for your friends, family, and coworkers back home.

Stop by Fish Bar Deli to try their:

Deviled Eggs
When you want to whet your appetite with all the best flavors on the island, go with the Deviled Eggs as your appetizer of choice. To kickstart this dish, the chef boils and peels farm-fresh Kauai eggs, and then cuts them in half and removes the yolks. The yolks get mixed up into a filling and replaced in the eggs before getting topped with Dilly Beans, House BBQ sauce, and chicken skin cracklins.

Vegan Tempeh Ruben
For a delightful spin on a traditional sandwich favorite, treat yourself to the Vegan Tempeh Ruben at Fish Bar Deli. This sandwich starts with smoked Kauai tempeh placed on an organic housemade rustic roll. Then, they add quick cabbage kraut, vegan cheese, caraway, and Russian dressing.

I Yuzu Love You
Whether you’re sidled up to the bar for drinks or want to take your meal to the next level, the I Yuzu Love You is always a great choice. They mix up this drink by adding a generous amount of mountain yuzu infused sake to the glass. After that, they drizzle in the Hawaiian volcanic sparkling water to elevate the mouthfeel and temper the ultra-bright yuzu flavors.

If you enjoy a little novelty in your culinary life, swing by for their kitchen takeover experiences. On Sundays and Mondays, Fish Bar Deli opens their doors to the Dobuta Ramen crew and let them serve their crowd for a change. So, if you arrive during that time, expect to get your fill of fresh, hot noodles and all the fixings instead of diving into the deli menu.

Insider Tips:
-Interested in food and drink specials? Stop by between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm for happy hour and sit in the bar area.
-Expect to see a 3% service charge added to all their items. It’s not a tip, so still plan to show your appreciation for their quality service. 
-They don’t take reservations, so plan to wait around a bit if you arrive when it’s super busy.