Sushi Girl Kauai

Sushi Girl Kauai – Your Top Spot in North Shore Kauai for Tasty Sushi to Go
The Bottom Line:

When you’re craving sushi to go, you can get your fill at Sushi Girl Kauai in North Shore. They work morning to night handcrafting sushi dishes of all kinds, making everything to order using the freshest island ingredients. Although you likely have a 20 to 30-minute wait ahead for your order, the decadent flavors are well worth sticking around.

- The Local Expert Team

Operating out of their small food truck in North Shore, Sushi Girl Kauai makes it their mission to serve the freshest sushi to go from morning to night. They only use the highest quality island ingredients and make all their food from scratch. They expertly filet all their own fish, put at least two hours into each batch of sushi rice, and prep all the rest of the ingredients by hand.

On their menu, you’ll find all the best maki rolls, sushi burritos, and poke bowls plus Musubi done right. Their sides perfectly complement the entrees, allowing you to easily build a meal to remember. You can pair your sushi rolls with Edamame, Miso Soup, or Kailani Greens, for example, or go with a sushi burrito poke bowl combo. Yum!

In order to get a taste of their offerings, you will have to stick around in eager anticipation for quite a while. With people coming in from all over Kauai in hopes of getting sushi to go, busy doesn’t even begin to describe their average day. Their ongoing orders for huge party platters don’t help matters either, especially at the height of the tourist season. As a result, you can not only expect to stand in line to order, but then wait yet again for 20 minutes or more for your food to arrive.

If you need your order fast, just give them a call before you leave the hotel. They’ll get your items ready to go, so you can just walk up to the window and get your selections without a long wait. After you get your food, do yourself a favor and jet on over to Anini Beach. You can settle down on the sand or grab a picnic table to gaze upon the beautiful views while you chow down.

Jet in to try these items at Sushi Girl Kauai:

Spicy ‘T’ Maki Rolls
When you want bite after bite of all your favorite ocean flavors, you cannot go wrong with the Sushi Beach Maki Rolls. These cut rolls feature a mix of spicy ahi, avocado, and green onion. They’re cut into 12 to 13 pieces, and then served with a side of yum yum sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger, and gluten-free shoyu. 

The O.G. Sushi Burrito
For bite after bite of pure deliciousness, you definitely need to try The O.G. Sushi Burrito. To make this awesome entrée, they put local avocado, organic corn, black beans, Kailani salad greens, and yum yum sauce in nori and soy paper. Then, they roll it up, slice it in half, and serve it with pickled ginger, wasabi, and shoyu.

Action Bowl
Always made fresh using the highest quality ingredients, the Action Bowl will have you singing its praises all over the island. They make this dish by cubing raw ahi – and ono if you’re lucky – along with onion, sea asparagus, and cucumber. All those ingredients get tossed in sesame oil, ponzu, and Hawaiian sea salt before a sprinkle of Furikake goes over the top to finish it off right.

If you need to skip the wheat, Sushi Girl Kauai is the perfect place to go. Their entire menu is gluten-free, letting you order whatever you want without asking about the ingredients. You don’t have to worry about cross-contamination either, since wheat doesn’t make an appearance at this food truck.

Insider Tips:
-You must spend at least $10 on your order if you want to pay by card.
-Since everything is made to order, you must request your party platters well in advance by filling out the form on their website.
-Want to make your sushi burritos spicy? Just ask and they’ll kick it up a notch for an extra charge. They’re also happy to only use soy paper, but that’s extra as well.