Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee

Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee – Your Top Spot for Sweet Treats and a Kick of Caffeine
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4 / 5
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If you’re having a hard day, there’s perhaps no better way to turn it all around than a trip to Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee. This ultra-cute Kauai eatery serves up all the best frozen desserts and coffee drinks imaginable all day long. Plus, they have breakfast sandwiches, iced tea, and even house-made cotton candy.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Koloa Mill Ice Cream & Coffee, they go above and beyond in whipping up sweet treats that go well beyond your wildest expectations. From Dole Whip and Shave Ice to Sundaes and Milkshakes, they have all the best frozen delights to satisfy your every craving. You can even get a fresh-made cotton candy to take on the road or simply enjoy right onsite.

Plus, they’re well-versed in creating a perfect cup of coffee every time, whether you want it hot, iced, or blended. To create each drink on demand, they only use the highest quality Kauai Coffee beans and even sell them by the bag for your later enjoyment. Their preparation techniques are second to none as well, ensuring that you always get a quick pick-me-up when you need it most.

Although frozen treats and fresh coffee tick all the boxes, they don’t stop there. On their menu, they also have decadent breakfast sandwiches made right when you order. You’ll have to come in early for a taste, however, since they’re only offered up until noon. If you’d like to go a different route for your beverage, you can skip the coffee in favor of Hot Tea, Unsweetened Black Iced Tea, or their ever-popular Tropical Iced Tea.

Once you manage to select between all their amazing offerings, you can grab a table inside or head out onto the back porch. Either way, you’re sure to love their cute décor and cozy atmosphere, which never fails to make everyone feel right at home. Their service is always good and efficient, although they don’t usually have much time for chit-chat, since the place stays rather busy all day long.

Always made with Roselani Ice Cream, their Sundaes easily hit the spot when you’re craving sugary sweet deliciousness. To build your treat, you’ll need to pick your flavor of ice cream from all their options. Once you do, they’ll put a couple of scoops in the bowl, and then add either hot fudge, caramel, or chocolate syrup, depending on what you choose. Then, they throw macadamia nuts over top before adding a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry.

Shave Ice
If you want cool, refreshing sweetness, the Shave Ice is definitely the way to go. To create your masterpiece, you just let them know if you want a small, medium, or large, and then pick two syrup flavors. They have everything from root beer to passion fruit, plus a few sugar-free flavors if you prefer. You can also add syrup flavors, ice cream, li hing powder, sourspray, or snowcap for an extra charge.

Dole Whip
For a tangy blast of pineapple flavor in a soft-serve package, you need the Dole Whip in your life. A true island favorite, this sweet ice cream comes in keiki, single, and double sizes. While you can get yours in a cup, it’s best enjoyed in a waffle cone, which is available on request. Feeling brave? Ask them to put your Dole Whip over Shave Ice instead.

No matter when you arrive, their coffee is well worth savoring. They have all the top drink and syrup combinations on their menu, including White Chocolate Mocha, Peppermint Americano, and Pumpkin Spice Espresso. If you’d like your coffee blended, their only flavor is the Caramel Latte, but it’s plenty good all on its own. Prefer something a little different? Go with the Chai Latte instead for a spicy kick in every sip.

Insider Tips:
-If you arrive after dinner, expect a long wait, but don’t worry, it’s well worth braving the line.
-When you simply cannot decide between all their ice cream flavors, ask for a sample of your top choices to narrow it down a bit before ordering.
-Parking is a challenge to say the least, so plan to drive around for a while to find a spot opening up.