Aloha Sweet Delights

Aloha Sweet Delights – Make Life a Little Sweeter with Treats from an Old School Bakery in Kaumakani
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Aloha Sweet Delights provides visitors to the Waimea Canyon a quick stop to stock up on tasty doughnuts, pastries, pies, and other treats. This old-fashioned bakery has people inside baking up the pastries for sale, so you know that everything is fresh. Try a sampling of the treats to make your travels sweeter.

- The Local Expert Team

Tucked away just off the highway on the way to Waimea Canyon, Aloha Sweet Delights provides travelers with a great selection of freshly baked pastries and more. This old-fashioned bakery has all the sweet treats you crave – pies, cookies, doughnuts, fritters, and more. It also serves as a local convenience store with groceries on the shelve in one part of the bakery. Don’t miss a stop here on your way to or from the canyon.

Locals once knew this place as the Thrifty Mart. Its origins as a local market remain, but its main draw is the selection of pastries baked up fresh in the kitchen daily. Since they make everything fresh, you’ll want to arrive as close to opening as possible. For many visitors, this is easy because they are up early to arrive at Waimea Canyon for morning hikes or other area excursions. Whether you want to fuel up for a hike or want to treat yourself to local pastries, stop by Aloha Sweet Delights while in the area.

When at the bakery, try one of the following highly recommended treats:

Pineapple Fritters
The pineapple fritters are fried doughnuts with caramelized pieces of pineapple, similar in structure to an apple fritter but with an island twist. Don’t miss trying one of these unusual pastries. The extra sweetness from the pineapple and the crispiness of the fritter balance each other well. If you like apple fritters, you must try the pineapple fritters for something both familiar and a little different. Visitors claim these pastries are worth the drive.

Malasadas are a local Hawaiian favorite. These doughnut-like treats came from the Portuguese sweet with the same name. On the islands, though, these doughnuts come with a variety of fillings. They start out as yeast doughnut balls, deep-fried, and rolled in sugar. At Aloha Sweet Delights, you’ll find plain, cream-filled, chocolate-filled, and other varieties of these pastries. Visitors prefer the plain variety to the filled ones, especially when eaten fresh for its simplicity that allows the richness of the dough to shine through.

Manju is a type of Japanese pastry that includes a flour-based dough wrapped around a filling. Think of these treats as mochi with flour in the dough instead of rice. At Aloha Sweet Delights, these pastries have soft or crispy exteriors –- depending on the type –- and full-flavored fillings. Black bean, ube, coconut, apple, adzuki bean, and pineapple are only some of the types of fillings you’ll find for the manju. Try any of them for a tasty snack.

Peach Bavarian Cake
Yes, you can grab single-serve doughnuts or pastries from Aloha Sweet Delights. Visitors, however, also highly recommend the cakes and pies from this bakery. The Peach Bavarian cake gets frequent mentions for its delightfully peachy taste that isn’t too sweet. It uses actual pieces of peaches in the icing covering a white cake with layers of vanilla filling between. This light, fluffy cake is a regular treat for many locals and others who frequent the bakery.

Custard Pie
The custard pie at Aloha Sweet Delights has a sweet, creamy filling that some claim is the best on the Kauai. This pastry has a flaky, light crust with a buttery taste. You may find individual slices of this pie available in the bakery case. But you may prefer to order a whole pie for your group or to enjoy slices of this pie for several days.

If you want old-fashioned treats from a small, community bakery, don’t drive past the unassuming Aloha Sweet Delights. You’ll be rewarded with freshly baked goods that will keep you going during the hikes around Waimea Canyon.

Insider Tips:
-Most people stop in on the way to or from Waimea Canyon to stock up on treats to eat on the road.
-Stop by early in the morning to buy fresh produce in the grocery area of the bakery.
-The bakery charges a processing fee if you use a credit or debit card to pay. Pay with cash to avoid this extra cost.
-Many favorite treats sell out or are not as fresh from the oven if you arrive in the afternoon. Get to the bakery early for the biggest selection and the freshest pastries.