Uncle’s Shave Ice & Smoothies

Uncle's Shave Ice – Icy Cold Sweet Treats Plus Honey Toast, Caramel Apples, and More
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4 / 5
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When you want to cool down in style, go to Uncle’s Shave Ice – well known as one of the top spots in Kauai for frozen sweets. Whether you’re looking for a syrupy delicious Shave Ice, rich and creamy Shave Snow, or something else altogether, you won’t regret taking the time to stop in. Although they make it easy to go overboard with the sugar, they have sugar-free treats as well.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

There’s perhaps nothing better than grubbing on icy cold treats to cool down fast and you can do just that at Uncle’s Shave Ice in East Side Kauai. As the sister location to their original South Shore spot, they have all the best syrups flavors on tap at all times.

From watermelon and pink lemonade to green apple and coconut, there are endless options – and you can add them to your Shave Ice three at a time. Need to keep it sugar-free? Not a problem! Ask for no sugar syrups to go over your shave ice.  

As if that’s not enough, they go above and beyond that Hawaiian staple by offering Shave Snow, Snow Pops, and Frozen Chocolate Bananas. You can even treat yourself to a big bowl of Honey Toast featuring your favorite flavor of ice cream or go with a fully-loaded caramel apple instead.

You really cannot go wrong no matter what you choose. But that doesn’t mean you won’t stand there hemming and hawing as you try to figure out what to get. There are simply too many amazing desserts waiting for you to make your big decision. Fortunately, you’re welcome to come back time and time again to try all their treats in every flavor if you wish.

The top menu items:

Shave Ice
For a smorgasbord of flavor in an icy, cool treat, you absolutely must try their Shave Ice. Whether you get yours in small or large, you can choose up to three flavors from all their excellent options, such as raspberry, cotton candy, green tea, gummy bear, lilikoi, lychee, passion nut, pink lemonade, and a whole lot more. 

Shave Snow
Want to see what happens when you take shave ice to the next level? You get Shave Snow. Instead of using water as a base, they use milk! The result is a rich and creamy concoction that’ll have you wondering where it’s been all your life. You can select just one flavor or get a double in coconut, creamsicle, birthday cake, melon, vanilla, or strawberry.   

Snow Pops
If you’re in a hurry, you can get a taste of their most popular shave ice flavors by getting snow pops instead. Their flavors include birthday cake, creamsicle, melon, strawberry, vanilla, and coconut. You can get just one, although they’re so good, you’re better off getting three at a time.

Honey Toast
When you’re looking for spoonful upon spoonful of pure decadence, it’s definitely the Honey Toast that you want. Available with macadamia nut or vanilla ice cream, this dessert begins with a gargantuan slice of Hawaiian sweet bread. Then, they scoop out the middle and cut it into cubes before toasting it up to a rich golden brown. After that, the cubes land right back in the middle and the whole lot gets a drizzle of honey, scoops of ice cream, and four dollops of whipped cream on each corner.   

Caramel Apples
The Caramel Apples give you something a little more robust to sink your teeth into without compromising on the sugary goodness. Available all throughout the day, they have plain caramel apples along with almond or chocolate-coated varieties. Can’t decide? Pick the chocolate and almond caramel apple for all three flavors in one.

When you order the shave snow, shave ice, or honey toast, you can make it even more magical with their overs and unders. As the name suggests, the overs go right over the top and include amazing options, like lihing mui powder, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and cream cap. If you’d like to dig for buried treasure, go with one of the unders, such as strawberries, pineapple, azuki beans, or ice cream.

Insider Tips:
-The syrups used for their shave ice and snow are rather vibrant and stain clothing quite easily.
-Since they’re well known as the top spot for Shave Ice, expect quite a wait before you can order, especially on the weekends.