Passion Bakery Cafe

Passion Bakery Café — A Great Spot to Land for Baked Goods, Coffee, and More
The Bottom Line:

While Passion Bakery Café may have started with just one fantastic Chocolate Chip Mac Nut cookie, they’re now well known as the place to go for delicious meals and desserts of all kinds. At this delightful little East Side Kauai eatery, there’s never a shortage of good eats and fun times. At each visit, you’re sure to marvel at all the options and walk away feeling wholly satisfied.

- The Local Expert Team

Although Passion Bakery Café started out with just one cookie — their Chocolate Chip Mac Nut delight — they’ve grown into a prime spot for breakfast, lunch, and baked goods galore. This East Side Kauai eatery is well-known for its coffee as well, although its menu is rather modest in comparison to full-scale coffee shops.

But when you’re looking to start off your day right, there’s perhaps nothing better than a cup of their Raw Cacao Mocha and a Malasada of your choice. Their plate-sized Sticky Buns are out-of-this-world delicious as well, promising to tantalize your taste buds from the first bite to the last.

If you have time for an entire meal, you cannot lose by ordering any of their phenomenal breakfast sandwiches. Vegan, vegetarian, and traditional dishes are all available here, which makes it easy to satisfy your cravings in an instant.

Still in the area by lunchtime? Return for another plate of their amazing food to experience the full breadth of their culinary expertise. From Kalua Pig Plates to Philly Cheesesteaks, there’s no limit to what they can make. They even have pizza if you’re in the mood for saucy, cheesy goodness in a handheld package.

At each meal, you can dine at the tables on their cozy patio or take your food to the waterside to enjoy the view while you chow down. You have your choice of either Wailua Beach or Lae Nani Beach, both of which are just a couple of minutes’ walk down the road. Either way, you’re sure to adore this eatery’s friendly service and chill aesthetic as you put in your order and pick up your meal.

You absolutely must try their:

Only available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the Malasadas are little bites of deep-fried perfection that’ll keep you coming back for more. These artisan sugared donuts come filled with one of many tantalizing flavors, including passion fruit, ube, mango, chocolate, coconut, and vanilla. 

Mexicano Eggwich
When you’re looking for a spicy twist on a breakfast favorite, you need to order up the Mexicano Eggwich. They start by creating their spicy chorizo from scratch and then frying it up. After that’s done, they create your eggs to order. Then, they pile the eggs and chorizo on a bun along with fried potatoes and chipotle aioli.

Kalua Pig Loco Moco
If you have a big appetite, get filled up in style by grabbing an order of their Kalua Pig Loco Moco. This hearty plate comes piled high with Hawaiian Kalua Pork plus rice, gravy, and two fried eggs. Along the side, you get a big scoop of mac salad to perfectly finish off your meal.

Need a taste of their baked goods after the morning rush? Call at least 45 minutes in advance for their muffins and croissants. If you want their sticky buns, expect to wait two hours after calling before you can come down to pick up your order. Fortunately, they are well worth the wait, especially when you’re craving their sweet treats in particular. Just be sure to pick up as many as you can stomach, so you don’t have to go through the wait all over again the next day.

Insider Tips:
-On Malasada days, the line starts to form well before 7 am and they sell out fast. So, arrive early or call in your order for pick up at a later time.
-Sign up for their newsletter by filling out the form on their website and get 10% off your first order.
-Unless you order it gluten-free, your sandwich will always come with their housemade, fresh-baked bread.