Holey Grail Donuts

The Holy Grail Donuts – Treat Yourself to the Original Taro Donut in North Shore Kauai
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5.0 / 5
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What do you get when you take taro donut batter and fry it up in coconut oil? The Holy Grail Donuts, of course. Always made with fresh island ingredients, the donuts offered at this North Shore Kauai shop always promise to exceed your every expectation. Grab a four-pack tasting box or add your favorites one by one to get a taste of the magic.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Holey Grail Donuts, they make donuts so good that the line starts well before they open and continues until close. Their donuts feature taro-based dough that gets fried up to perfection in coconut oil. Then, they decorate it with tasty glaze, fruit chunks, and many other creative ingredients that match the theme of each donut.

To keep things feeling new and fresh, the team regularly hits the doughLAB to dream up their next donut lineup. One week, they may have chocolate, lilikoi, and snickerdoodle fare, while the next may center around chai, maple with smoked coconut, and POG, or passion fruit, orange, and guava. The sky is the limit in what they can dream up, which makes it well worth coming back for more each and every week.

Beyond the Holy Grail Donuts’ ever-changing menu, they regularly have limited-time-only flavors that take advantage of bright, flavorful fruits as they come in season. Their most recent creation, the Dragonslayer, featured an exciting mix of dragonfruit and lemonade flavors. They sold out fast, but don’t worry, there’s always a chance they could return in the future.

As the Holy Grail Donuts dream up their lineup, they put them in their Tasting Box for your enjoyment. You can also grab their limited-time flavors as add-ons if you’d like. Just don’t forget to grab a drink as well while putting in your order. They have regular draft coffee plus a number of lattes that use that drink as a base.

Must-try items on Holey Grail Donuts’ menu include:

Hot Single
The Hot Single brings local honey and sea salt together to kickstart the party in your mouth. To create this donut, Holey Grail Donuts takes their classic taro batter and fry it in coconut oil. Then, the hot, fresh donut gets glazed in Kauai Nectar Co. wildflower honey before the sprinkle of flaky sea salt goes over the top.

Acai Bowl
Like the other donuts, the Acai Bowl starts off with a simple taro batter and a dip in the coconut oil until golden brown. After that, however, it takes a wild turn with the addition of their delicious Tambor acai glaze plus chia seeds and coconut flakes. A drizzle of peanut butter lands on one side to bring it all together beautifully.

Cacao Latte
When you treat yourself to the Cacao Latte at Holy Grail Donuts, you get a kick of coffee goodness plus plenty of rich island flavors. They create this popular drink by taking draft coffee and mixing it in the Manoa chocolate and housemade cashew/coconut milk. The whole lot goes over ice to give it a refreshing spin and help keep you cool on all your island explorations.

All the magic happens from the comfort of the Holy Grail Donuts food truck, located just a few minutes from Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park. In fact, after getting your donuts, that’s a great place to go enjoy your selections while watching all the action on the water. To help your belly settle, you can take a long walk on the two-mile beach after you’re done enjoying every last bite of your donut selections.

Insider Tips:
-Since Holey Grail Donuts makes all their donuts to order, every variety always lands in the box hot and perfectly fresh. But it does take a little time for the magic to happen, so expect to wait at least 10 minutes for your treats.
-Although Holey Grail Donuts used to just be open on Sundays, they’ve had to kick open the doors five days a week to keep up with demand.