Verde Restaurant Lihue

Verde — Proudly Serving High-Quality, Local Food to the Kauai Community
The Bottom Line:

Verde proudly honors the Kauai community by serving up the highest quality dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. All their Mexican fare is second to none – and they even go above and beyond in transforming their dishes into vegetarian delights at your request. Plus, their friendly service and chill atmosphere always promise to make you feel right at home.  

- The Local Expert Team

Just across from the stately Kilohana Plantation is a small yet mighty Mexican restaurant that goes by the name, Verde. With a trip over to this East Side Kauai eatery, you can get your fill of the classic hits, including every type of taco, burrito, and enchilada imaginable. Beyond offering the full spread, the Verde Restaurant goes above and beyond with their creations by always using the freshest local ingredients they can source. We’re talking greens, tea, and everything in between — all fresh from the farm that very day.

The Verde Restaurant is also dedicated to only cooking up the cleanest cuts of meat without any hormones, antibiotics, or other yucky stuff. They even have 100% grass-fed Kauai beef sourced from sustainable farms located all across the island. If you prefer meatless fare instead, no worries. More than half of their menu items can be made vegetarian. Just say the word and they’ll make it happen. Need gluten-free dishes instead? That’s not a problem either. 

Although their food is definitely the focus at Verde Restaurant, they never skimp on the friendly service. You can expect a hearty Aloha thrown your way upon walking through the doors. And within a few visits, they’ll even remember your name. The chill atmosphere promises to instantly put you in a relaxed state whether you grab a table in the dining room or sit out at the seats along the sidewalk.

Their most flavorful dishes at Verde include:

Fish Tostada
Between its mild spice and fresh ocean flavors, the Fish Tostada never fails to tantalize your taste buds. They start this popular dish by searing Ahi to a perfect rare and then putting it on a corn tostada. To that, they add local greens, guacamole, and pico de gallo. A drizzle of red chile sauce and their signature aioli go over the top to bring it all together before it arrives at your table.

Vegan Crumble Tacos
When nothing else will do but bright, flavorful vegan fare, give Verde’s Vegan Crumble Tacos a try. Made using their Taro-Mung Bean-Moringa Crumble, these tacos feature all the right flavors and textures you could ever want. Complementing the crumble, you also get pico de gallo, lettuce, and guacamole – all wrapped up in corn tortillas. 

Stacked Enchilada
Available in meat and veggie varieties, the Stacked Enchilada at Verde takes a rather filling traditional dish to the next level. They make their stack by layering three corn tortillas with cheese, chile sauce, plus your meat or veggies of choice. If you go with the veggie option, you also get guacamole, although you can ask for it on the side for an extra charge when going with the meat instead. For this dish, the meat options include carne pork adovada, citrus-marinated chicken, and Kauai beef.

No matter what appetizers and entrees your order, save room in your belly for the wonderful desserts at Verde. You can get either their Sopaipillas & Honey or Churro Fries, although it’s just generally best to get both if you can swing it. Either way, their light, fried dough pairs perfectly with the local honey, giving you a true taste of paradise.

Insider Tips:
-Although Verde does not have a minimum order amount, a delivery fee applies to orders under $50.
-If you want to conveniently speed through the ordering process, use the online system on their website to make your selections and pay for your food.
-When you sit at the Verde Restaurant outside tables along the sidewalk, they cannot serve you alcohol there, so plan accordingly.
-If you fall in love with Verde, you can bring their awesome dishes to all your events by requesting their catering services. All it takes is a quick call and they’ll put your special occasion on their schedule.