Bubba Burgers Poipu

Bubba Burgers – Where to Enjoy the Juiciest Burgers Plus a Whole Lot More in Poipu
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you’re in the mood for juicy burgers, crisp fries, and everything in between, you absolutely need to zip on in to Bubba Burgers in Poipu. Their no-nonsense service might not make you feel right at home, but their bold flavors will keep you in your seat anyway. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When the juicy burgers are calling your name, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Bubba Burgers in Poipu. At this local chain restaurant, they always use fresh, local ingredients, including 100% grass-fed Kauai beef, plus put a whole lot of care into their preparations. The results promise to leave you feeling wholly impressed, although their service might throw you through a loop.

Upon walking through the door at Bubba Burgers, expect no-nonsense service from the very start. With a tagline like, “We Cheat Tourists, Drunks, and Attorneys,” it’s clear that they aren’t out to make friends. Although their claims are just a bit of their off-color, tongue-in-cheek humor, they still don’t roll out the red carpet for every guest. Instead, they get straight to taking orders and serving the tastiest food around.

Since Bubba Burgers keeps things moving as quickly as possible, take a moment to browse the menu online before waltzing up to the window, or kissing booth as the sign says, to put in your order. Otherwise, you might end up with a bit of their trademark sass as you hold up the line hemming and hawing over the options.

Once you put in your order, you’ll need to listen up to hear your number called. Bubba Burgers does not offer table service, so don’t even hope for them to whisk out your selections. As you hang around the window eagerly waiting for your food to arrive, take some time to explore all their funny signs and get a feel for their unique personality.  

Then, after your food comes out, you can find a cozy table to sit at either indoors or out. Either way, you’ll definitely want to quickly find a place to chow down because the scent of your food will leave you drooling over the upcoming flavors.

Their top menu items at Bubba Burgers include:

Bubba Burger
If you want to go with their signature burger, order up the Bubba Burger or one of its many variations. You can get this burger with one, two, or three patties, depending on just how much beef you want in your belly. No matter which one you pick, they always make it with Bubba relish, French’s yellow mustard, and diced onions.

Chili Dog
When only a tasty hotdog will do, go big by ordering their famous Chili Dog. This awesome treat starts well before you order as they whip up their “Coors Tavern” chili by the boatload. Then, right when you put in your order, they cook an Oscar Meyer all-beef hot dog to perfection, throw it on a robust bun, and pour their chili over it all.  

Beyond Burger
Are you looking for the full burger experience but without the meat? Then, just go with the Beyond Burger to enjoy all the best flavors in every bite. The team creates this masterpiece by grilling the 100% plant-based burger patty on the flat top, and then put it on a bun. After that, they dress it all up like their other burgers by putting yellow mustard, Bubba relish, and diced onions right on top. 

If you still have room for dessert after finishing up your meal, the closest you can get to a sweet treat is one of their milkshakes. Available in 16-ounce sizes, their shakes come in a wide variety of scrumptious flavors, including strawberry, banana, and vanilla. Unlike their other drinks, your milkshake will come with a straw, so you can sip its amazing flavors on the go if you wish.

Insider Tips:
-For special deals and other perks for Bubba Burgers, sign up for Club BUB while at the restaurant or by filling out the form on their site.
Bubba Burgers does not offer any free refills on their drinks.
-Want a gluten-free burger? Just ask for a lettuce wrap.
-Lettuce and tomato are an extra charge. No onions is always a possibility. But if you make substitutions, expect a delay on your order. No, really, it says it right there on the sign: Our Way, Right Away —Your Way, Some Delay.
-Want to taste the juicy goodness that Bubba Burgers in Poipu has to offer, but not in the area? Try the Bubba Burgers in the Kapaa area!