MCS Grill

MCS Grill – Get Tasty Seafood Pasta, Hamburger Steak, and More in South Shore Kauai
The Bottom Line:

A definite South Shore favorite, MCS Grill taps into their culinary prowess to serve up an eclectic mix of decadent dishes. Their time-honored recipes make for bright, bold flavors in every bite, while their friendly service promises to make you feel right at home. No matter what meal you order, dessert is a must, especially their Chiffon Cream Cheese Square.

- The Local Expert Team

With a visit to MCS Grill, you can satisfy your cravings for seafood pasta, hamburger steak, and everything in between. Their menu features all the best Hawaiian favorites plus plenty of imaginative dishes all their own. They even go beyond the typical fare to ensure vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free patrons can enjoy all the best island flavors without compromising their dietary restrictions.

All their dishes start with the freshest ingredients around, including many sourced from farmers, ranchers, and fishermen right on the island. Then, they transform them into their excellent menu items using time-honored recipes and impressive culinary techniques. Their chefs do not just throw their creations on the plate and call it good either. They go all out in artistically plating each dish, so you’re more than impressed even before you take the first bite.

In addition to their food, their friendly team goes above and beyond in completing your dining experience. They offer a warm aloha as you walk through the doors, and then bring you to your table of choice. After that, they bring out your menus and drinks, zip your food to the table once it’s ready, and come back to check up at all the right moments.

Although their friendly service is well worth the visit all on its own, they do offer takeout if you prefer. You can just call ahead or put in your order online and they’ll get it ready to go by the time you arrive.

Their most popular items include:

Kauai Shrimp Scampi
Like all their seafood pasta dishes, the Kauai Shrimp Scampi is always out-of-this-world delicious. With this dish, you get creamy garlic linguine topped with sauteed mushrooms and tons of perfectly-prepared head-on Kauai shrimp. Prefer a different protein or none at all? Go with the regular Scampi instead, which comes plain or topped with chicken breast, mahi-mahi, or New York steak.

Vegetarian Loco Moco
For an imaginative take on a local classic, go with the Vegetarian Loco Moco. This dish begins with their housemade wheat, barley, and quinoa patty grilled up and set on a bed of rice. Over that, they add two eggs done how you like them plus vegetarian gravy if you’d prefer that addition as well.

MCS Combo
If you’re not sure what to get, you can never go wrong by ordering the MCS Combo. When you order this dish, you’ll need to choose between their Hawaiian chili pepper, teriyaki, or plain fried chicken, which is no easy feat, for sure. Then, you get a double dose of flavor as the fried saimin lands alongside complete with bacon, fishcake, and green onion. Plus, they add rice and salad of your choosing to the mix to finish it all off right.

You absolutely must save room for dessert if you want to enjoy the quintessential MCS Grill experience. If nothing else, get their signature dessert, the Chiffon Cream Cheese Square. Although the flavors vary, there’s not a bad one in the bunch, but the lilikoi and other tropical fruits are always best, of course. If you’d like something a little different, you cannot go wrong with the Warm Fruit Cobbler with Ice Cream. The Brownie Sundae and PB&J Sundae options are winners as well, especially when paired with a tasty Root Beer or Coke Float.

Insider Tips:
-Although they do not serve alcohol, they warmly welcome you to bring in your own if you’d like.
-You’re welcome to make substitutions but expect an upcharge for each one.
-On their menu, look for V+ for vegan, V for vegetarian, and GF for gluten-free fare.
-Occasionally, they close early to host a catering event. If you’d like to find out if they’re open before leaving your hotel, give them a call and ask.