Anake’s Juice Bar

Anake's Juice Bar – Hidden Gem of a Juice & Acai Bowl Business
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5.0 / 5
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Are you looking for something fruity and delicious? Look no further than the hidden gem of Anake's Juice Bar tucked within Poipu's Kukuiulua Market. 

- The Local Expert Team

Are you looking for something fresh, healthy, and local? If so, then you want to make your way to Anake’s Juice Bar. Anake’s Juice Bar is a small business tucked within a larger one that can be hard to find but, once found, offers some of the best fruit bowls, fresh juices, and smoothies in the Hawaiian islands. 

You will find Anake’s Juice Bar tucked within Kukuiulua Market, which is a beloved mom-and-pop grocery store located on Poipu Road. Once you step into that grocery store, you can’t miss it. This juice bar lies within a back corner, but that corner is painted bright ocean blue with a sun dipped halfway into its painted horizon. You’ll see a long booth and counter where you’ll order (and where other customers are likely already ordering). After ordering, you can wait and then enjoy your tropical treats either at one of the stools at the bar or at one of their indoor tables. 

As the name of the business suggests, Anake’s Juice Bar excels at crafting delicious juices. Some of their most popular juices include:

Da Shrek
This one is a fantastic morning pick-me-up drink. It features local greens juiced with celery, cucumber, and apple as a strong base along with coconut water. Some pineapple, ginger, and lime are added to round out the flavor.

Named after the market itself, the Kukuiula Juice by Anake’s Juice Bar is pretty unique. Its central ingredients are beets and carrots, which give it a distinctive taste. Added to this, the juice includes celery, cucumber, ginger, garlic, lime, and a few local greens. 

Now, while Anake’s Juice Bar did start primarily to offer juices, it’s grown to offer so much more. Today, Anake’s Juice Bar is actually best known for its acai bowls. Acai bowls are superfruit concoctions and, with Hawaii’s abundance of fruits, there are few better places to get one than at businesses like this that accentuate fresh, local ingredients. Plus, because Anake’s Juice Bar is tucked within a business, this place rarely sees the long lines similar businesses in the area do. So, customers here get to enjoy large filling bowls with great textures, and premier flavors, and without the long wait (because acai bowls are made-to-order, local island competitors have been known to have up to hour-long wait times for orders). 

Outstanding acai bowl options available at Anake’s Juice Bar include:

Funky Monkey
A big favorite, the Funky Monkey acai bowl features a base of local granola and local raw honey with peanut butter and almond milk mixed in. Atop this gets layered slices of banana, acai fruit, and strawberries. Finally, a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips rounds out the bowl and is the perfect complement to the peanut butter within.

Sau Sai
Somewhat similar to the Funky Monkey, the Sau Sai acai bowl also features banana, strawberries, and acai fruit served with a base of local granola and raw local honey. However, it also features Greek yogurt as well as almond milk for a bit creamier texture. The Sau Sai also boasts seasonal berries and is topped with bee pollen and coconut flakes. 

Insider Tips:
-The main business of Kukuiula Market where Anake’s Juice Bar resides, is a very bustling place. This is the go-to grocery and natural foods store in this part of town and, unfortunately, the parking lot has yet to be updated to reflect that. In other words, finding a parking spot at the market itself can be rough and you may very well find yourself without a space to park. You can either be patient and wait for someone within to depart or park down the street and walk up. You’ll find a sizeable parking area at the shopping center of The Shops of Kukuiula, located just one block southwest of this location. 
-While Anake’s Juice Bar does conveniently have plenty of indoor seating, there are also some great options if you prefer to eat or drink your fruity treats with a view. Keep going south on Poipu Road and it will branch into two roads. You can go left and enjoy sipping your smoothie at Koloa Landing overlooking Hanakaape Bay, or go right and bring a beach towel to feast on fruit at the white sands of Baby Beach.