Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar

Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar – Serving Koloa Asian Fusion Goodness Since 2012
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Are you looking to elevate your day with tasty Asian fusion fare? If so, you’ll need to jet on over to Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro for a bite to eat – and the yummy drinks to match. Each visit to this Koloa eatery will have you feeling like the guest of honor, too, making it a great place to settle down for a memorable meal.

- The Local Expert Team

For the tastiest drinks and Asian fusion fare around, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar. A true Koloa favorite, this chill eatery goes above and beyond in ensuring you always have the absolute best dining experience. They roll out the red carpet for every guest and then prepare all their food with care using fresh local ingredients.

You’re welcome to walk through the doors at your leisure, of course, but making reservations allows you to skip the wait. Either way, you’re going to want to take a moment to soak in the eclectic décor. As you gaze at all the bright colors and textures all around, the chill vibe will help you feel right at home in an instant. Once your server leads you to your table, settle in for a great dining experience and start browsing the menus.

Their huge menu starts with all the Thai favorites imaginable, including pad Thai, yellow curry, and drunken fried rice. Then, they round out their offerings with classic sushi rolls, poke, chirashi, and so much more. If you really want something special, go with the huge sushi boat. This delightful display comes loaded with all the rolls you could want. Plus, it’s definitely photo-worthy if you like taking shots of your meals before you dig in.

If you simply cannot decide between all their offerings, start with a cocktail or other scrumptious drink. Then, pair it with your appetizer of choice to sample the pure deliciousness coming out of the kitchen. By the time you’re done with your starter, you’ll likely be ready to go for the main entrée. No matter what you order, you can count on the chef to use the finest quality ingredients to handcraft each item. Their time-honored recipes are second-to-none as well, ensuring that your items are made to perfection every time.

Stop by for a chance to try:

Spicy Lava Edamame
Want to keep it simple without compromising on flavor? Just go with the Spicy Lava Edamame as your starter. This dish features Asian soybean pods steamed up just right, and then tossed in sweet chili sauce until well coated.

Spider Roll
If you’d like to enjoy a local favorite through and through, get the Spider Roll, for sure. They make this wonderful dish by rolling soft-shell crab tempura, carrots, and cucumber in nori. After that, they wrap it all in sushi rice before cutting it into bite-sized morsels.

Cashew Nut Chicken Bowl
For bold chicken and veggie flavors, treat yourself to the Cashew Nut Chicken Bowl. This awesome dish begins with thin-cut chicken stir-fried until tender and delicious. Then, they add onions, carrots, broccoli, and cashews to the mix before tossing it all in a mild chili sauce. Want it hotter? Just ask them to increase the star level to your desired level of spiciness.

If you want to truly spoil yourself, save room for dessert. Perfectly balancing flavor and presentation, their Mango Sticky Rice is a definite must-have treat. They make this dessert by preparing their lightly sweet sticky rice, and then plating it into a heart shape. After that, they slice up the mango and fan it out along either side of the rice. A cherry and mint leaves go on top right before serving to bring it all together.

Insider Tips:
-Happy hour runs from 3 pm to 5:30 pm daily, giving you a chance to get great deals on appetizers and drinks of all kinds.
-When dining with six or more in your party, expect to get a 20% gratuity automatically added to your bill.
-If you’re getting sushi, make sure to reward your chef by using the tip jar on the sushi bar.
-Want to avoid the dinner rush? Get here before 5 pm, especially on the weekends.