Konohiki Seafoods

Konohiki Seafoods -- A Deli Counter-Styled Seafood Spot With a Ton of Options
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4.5 / 5
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Located in Lihue, Kinohiki Seafoods is a wonderfully multi-faceted seafood shop. You can buy raw fish by the pound for your own culinary preparations, or you can enjoy deliciously prepared seafood dishes like poke bowls, sushi rolls, and plated lunches. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Konohiki Seafoods isn’t a very old restaurant, but it certainly has established itself as a popular spot to go for poke bowls in Lihue. This seafood market and takeout spot first opened its doors in 2015 and has been serving the community and its guests a great selection of fish and takeout items ever since. 

We say takeout because there really isn’t the interior set-up of Konohiki Seafoods isn’t set-up to give guests a sit-down restaurant experience. When you walk in, you will a small table or two for those waiting, but otherwise, the space here is filled with glass serving cabinetry and shelves that are likewise filled with prepped food ready to go. 

Konohiki Seafoods is a multi-faceted seafood shop, and it set out from the start to be that way. Run and operated by four individuals with significant culinary experience; one is in charge of take-out menu options; another wholly on seafood sales both for retail and wholesale; a third who oversees kitchen operations; and a fourth who specifically heads sushi items. The result of having each leader specialize in a different part of the business is spectacular. It is consistently high-quality seafood at a great price.

When you enter Konohiki Seafoods, you will want to take a minute to browse the displayed food and read the menu for yourself. This seafood spot serves food deli counter style so when you are ready to order, simply step up to the counter to give the attendant your order. You can buy fresh seafood by the pound as well as already made and prepared food and food to order. 

Not sure what to order? Consider the following favorites:

Handmade sushi rolls
Every day, the sushi pros at Konohiki Seafoods take fresh seafood and hand roll mouth-watering sushi rolls from their catches of the day. You will have to stop by in person to see what’s being prepared any given day, but no matter what it is, you can expect quality. Local favorites include the Soft Shell Crab Roll and the California Roll. 

Cold Ramen & Bento Boxes
In a hurry to an adventure? If so and if you need a snack on the go, then you’ll love the carefully prepared cold ramen and bento boxes this shop provides. Konohiki Seafoods even has child-sized bento boxes. 

Poke by the Pound 
Poke is a type of Hawaiian dish in which raw or lightly seared chunks of marinated fish are tossed about with sauces, spices, and vegetables and served over a bed of rice. Konohiki Seafoods creates their own unique blends every day to serve up fresh for customers. To order a poke ball, simply indicate which type of poke you want (popular options include Spicy Ahi and Ahi Likumukohu) and how much of it you want. You can then get that combined with a bed for a deliciously filling meal. If you’ve never heard of poke, think of it like a sushi roll but with no seaweed wrap and everything tossed together in a bowl. 

Insider Tips:
– Konohiki Seafoods is located pretty close to the airport. This makes their pre-made meals a great choice for those who need something to grab and go before flying out of the island. Alternatively, you might go and grab some food there when you arrive to fill your belly without having to wait at a sit-down restaurant. 
– Remember, this location really isn’t designed for dining-in. So come prepared to take your food to enjoy elsewhere. 
– If you haven’t had poke before, then this really is a fantastic place to try it. That’s because you can order poke by the pound and without rice if you want. This makes it easy for guests to sample three, five, or even more different types of poke to get a better taste for the different varieties and see what it is they like the most.