Saenz Ohana Breakfast

Saenz Ohana Breakfast - Hawaiian Breakfasts With Local Ingredients
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Saenz Ohana Breakfast is the vacation-dream of breakfasts. Made from fresh island ingredients and infused with Kauai flavor, this food truck offers a great way to start your day.

- The Local Expert Team

Saenz Ohana Breakfast serves up the best of tropical morning fare. Stop by first thing, and start your day the island way.

The fare at Saenz Ohana is made from fresh island ingredients, ensuring maximum and local flavor. Breakfast items like Eggs Benedict with kalua pig and Hawaiian Sweet Taro French Toast showcase the flavors of the island, but there are also mainland classics like Buttermilk Pancakes. 

If you arrive later in the morning, the menu’s second half lists a number of lunch options — many of which have similar Kauai influences. For example, the B.L.T.E. comes with scrambled eggs (a local take) and is served on sweet taro bread. The Fried Spam Sandwich is another island favorite that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere outside of Hawaii.

Complementing these foods are only two beverage selections besides water, but you won’t need anything else. A cup brewed from Imua Coffee Roasters’ beans warms during the cool island morning and provides immediate energy. Alternatively, Fresh Squeezed Juice is made when you order from the day’s local fruit selections.

All of this is served from a food truck, but the truck has a permanent location and decent seating at picnic tables nearby. Those tables are especially nice when eating with children who might knock something over.

A few of our menu favorites at Saenz Ohana Breakfast include:

Saenz’s Hawaiian Sweet Taro French Toast
A recipe created by chef Saenz himself, the Hawaiian Sweet Taro French Toast comes with local sweet taro bread cooked French Toast style. The one imported ingredient is maple syrup, which is well worth importing to the island.

Eggs Benedict
A class eggs benedict on an English muffin and paired with a potato stick. Get it with the kalua pig for a Hawaiian take, or go with all veggies if you skip the meat. All veggies does mean all of the greens in the truck.

The Local
The locals are hungry, and their plate is full enough to appease those appetites. Kalua pig, Portuguese sausage, and bacon are paired with avocado, tomato, and two eggs, and all of it comes between two slices of sweet taro bread. The sandwich will have you satiated until a late dinner, and those veggies even qualify it as healthy.

Fried Spam Sandwich
Set aside your preconceived notions about canned meat. Spam continues to be an island staple, and frying is the preferred method of preparation. This variation comes with fried eggs, wild greens, and cheese — and it’s all sandwiched between that sweet taro bread again.

Fresh Squeezed Juice
Go with the locally roasted coffee to first start your day, but come back when you’ve finished breakfast for a 12-Ounce Fresh Squeezed Juice to go. The fruit options depend on what’s available any given day, but that means that everything is as fresh as you can get it.

Good food, fresh ingredients, and a local chef preparing everything makes for a true Hawaiian breakfast experience. Fuel up for your day, and you’ll likely want to get breakfast here again the following day.

Insider Tips:
-The food truck sits back from the road a bit, and it can be hard to find among the larger nearby buildings. Watch for the address between the shopping plaza and bridge, or turn around if you get to either and don’t see the truck.
-This is Chef Seanz’s truck and the recipes are all his so make sure to say “hi” when you order, and greet his wife too! She’s probably the one who’s actually serving you.