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Sueoka Snack Shop – Offering Pure Hawaiian Goodness in Every Bite
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whether you’re looking for a hot plate of food or just need to pick up picnic supplies, Sueoka is the place to go in South Shore Kauai. Their burgers are a generational favorite, although you truly cannot go wrong with whatever you get. The lines are long, but for good reason, so stick around for your chance to order up all you need.

- The Local Expert Team

Known as a market, restaurant, and snack shop all in one, Sueoka has been satisfying cravings for Hawaiian goodness for over 90 years. To get a taste, you just have to jet over to their modest marketspace located in the heart of Koloa in South Shore Kauai.

You’ll want to start your journey by browsing all the awesome food items in the market. As you walk through the aisles, go ahead and pick out whatever meat, fresh produce, and other items you need to make your upcoming picnics a true delight. Or grab items you might like to enjoy upon landing back in your hotel room after a big day of exciting adventures.

In addition to all their food, they have a big selection of alcoholic beverages, including hard liquor, beer, and wine. Plus, they have many incredible souvenirs available to bring back to your family and friends or simply hang onto in memory of your island vacation.

After paying for your market selections, head around the corner of the building to their snack shop to fuel up for more fun. Their hot dishes are all equally delicious, although their burgers bring in the crowds day in and day out. In fact, generations have grown up on their burgers, which are not just delicious but rather affordable, too.

Their top menu items include:

Fried Shrimp
If you’re looking for an appetizer that’ll tantalize your tastebuds from first bite to the last, you’ll love the Fried Shrimp. They start this treat by dunking fresh Kauai shrimp in a robust tempura batter. Then, they fry it all up to a rich golden brown and serve them three at a time.  

The Cheeseburger keeps people coming back for more time and time again for its simple, yet delicious flavors. If you just go for the basic burger, it’ll feature a juicy beef patty on a soft bun plus American cheese and your sauce of choice. Want lettuce, onion, and tomato? Ask to make it deluxe. You’re also welcome to add fries and a drink for an extra charge.

Teri Beef
When you want tasty island flavors in every bite, you cannot go wrong with the Teri Beef. This hot plate comes with plenty of beef perfectly marinated in teriyaki sauce. Once that’s done cooking, they put it in your takeout container with a scoop of rice and potato mac salad to bring it all together. If you want to take it to the next level, get the Teri Beef Burger Deluxe instead. Go with that choice and you’ll want to make it a combo with fries and a drink since it doesn’t come with rice and salad.

As you browse the market goods and hot plates, you’ll likely find their low prices exceed your every expectation. If you can manage to spend over $100 in the market, you’ll get free gifts in the form of calendars, mugs, and other excellent souvenirs. So, be sure to stock up while you’re there to get that discount. You’ll undoubtedly want to swing back through later for whatever you left behind anyway once you get a taste of their quality products.

Insider Tips:
-They have an ATM on site if you need to get cash out.
-Although their store opens early and closes late, their snack shop runs shorter hours. If you’re looking for a late-night treat, get their prepackaged deli foods instead.
-Every Friday, their weekly advertisement lands in the Kauai MidWeek and Garden Island Newspaper.
-They do not have anywhere to sit inside or outside their market. Instead, you’ll want to jet 10 minutes to the south to reach Poipu Beach Park and enjoy your meal there.