Kauai Kookie Bakery & Kitchen

Kauai Kookie Bakery and Kitchen - Deli and Bakery with Local Flair
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Fill your stomach and stock up on excellent consumable souvenirs at the same time at this one-stop-shop! The Kauai Kookie Bakery and Cafe offers its famous shortbread cookies in a variety of tropical fruit flavors. You'll also find a full counter-serve cafe with a wide variety of menu options for breakfast and lunch, all reasonably priced and served up hot and flavorful. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Looking for a place to grab a snack, drink, or light meal after exploring Kauai’s south shore? The Kauai Kookie Bakery and Kitchen serves up the iconic shortbread cookies that made Kauai Kookie Bakery famous. But they also offer smoothies, breakfast dishes, local lunch plates, burgers, fish & chips, and more. They consistently deliver hot, mouthwatering meals that keep visitors coming back for more. 

Don’t expect a shiny, new shop dolled up like a tourist trap. The building itself is a bit underwhelming. Yet, when you step in you’ll be greeted by the aromas of baking cookies and savory foods. Plenty of booths and tables offer seating for both large and small parties. Additionally, the dining room doesn’t typically fill all the way up. The store stocks a few convenience items and souvenirs. You’ll also find a large display of the iconic Kauai Kookie Bakery & Kitchen offerings. You’ll find these at shops all over the islands, but Kauai is their original claim to fame. On one side of the store, a walk-up counter with a digital menu displays overhead offers the current array of culinary offerings. 

Some of our menu favorites include:

French Toast
The freshly-baked sweet bread, fried up golden with butter and eggs, consistently earns great reviews from guests. Don’t expect elaborate garnishes, but the French toast (which pairs beautifully with a side of Portuguese sausage) will fill you up like the comfort food it is. 

Loco Moco 
Every cafe’s loco moco is a little bit different. The Kauai Kookie Bakery & Kitchen is consistently hot and fresh, with flavorful gravy and seasoning.  Like the other lunch plate options, it comes served with rice and a fresh green salad topped with island-style papaya seed dressing. 

The Kauai Kookie Bakery & Kitchen gets lots of (well-deserved) acclaim for its cookies, but their pies aren’t to be missed. Try a hot slice of apple pie or chocolate haupia pie if they have it in stock. It’s hard to go wrong with freshly-made pastries, and these are top-notch by counter-serve-restaurant standards. 

Of course, you have to try the cookies when you stop by! If the bakery doesn’t have cookies on display to sample, feel free to ask for a bite before you buy. The spirit of aloha here is real, and it’s worth trying a nibble or two to narrow down your flavor selections. Lilikoi (passion fruit) and guava are two of the most popular local favorites. 

Kauai Kookie Bakery & Kitchen has a few Kauai locations, but this is the only one with a cafe. It’s located right off the main drag in Kalaheo. Making it the perfect stop after exploring Waimea Canyon or spending time on the South Shore. 

Insider Tips:
-In addition to cookies and pastries, the kitchen bakes bread and rolls fresh daily. If you get a chance, definitely pick up a loaf–it’s far superior to run-of-the-mill grocery store bread. 
-The convenience store section here also carries some staple items like milk and ketchup as well as beer and spirits. So this is a great place to stock up if you don’t want to make an additional grocery store stop on the way back to your hotel or condo.