Dim ‘N’ Den Sum

Dim 'N' Den Sum – Proudly Serving Asian Street Food and More
The Bottom Line:

A true local favorite, Dim ‘N’ Den Sum is a beloved food truck serving Asian street food and so much more. Set in South Shore Kauai, this chill eatery regularly rolls out Dim Sum, Garlic Mahi Plates, and everything in between. Although their food is plenty good, it’s their friendly service that’ll have you coming back for more.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

At Dim ‘N’ Den Sum, housemade Dim Sum is the name of the game, but that’s not all they’re serving up. For the ‘Then Some’ part of the equation, they have everything from Fried Brussel Sprouts to Chicken Katsu Plates. Weekly specials switch things up on the regular while their fan favorites stick around for loyal patrons to enjoy year-round.  

To get a taste of all their delicious eats, you’ll just need to find them in South Shore Kauai. You can do that by taking a leisurely jaunt down Koloa Road, looking for a row of food trucks lined up end to end. Once you park and get out of the car, keep your eyes peeled for their ocean-themed truck with a bright orange octopus on the side. You’ll know it when you see it.

After that, all that’s left to do is take a few moments to explore their menu from top to bottom—Unless you already know you want Dim Sum, Tako Salad, or their other Asian street food favorites, that is. If you’d like to try something new, check out the weekly specials. Depending on their mood, you can find everything from classic Hawaiian plate lunches to imaginative burgers piled high with all the fixings.

After figuring out what you want, either hop in line or waltz up to the counter if you arrive during a rare lull. Their team will serve you just as fast as they can, even if they’ve been going nonstop all day. You can trust that they’ll never fail to flash a bright smile your way, either. Their crew loves to share their culinary treasures with the world and offer the quintessential food truck experience.

Don’t miss out on these menu favorites at Dim ‘N’ Den Sum:

Egg Rolls
When you’re craving crispy, savory deliciousness, you cannot go wrong with the Egg Rolls. Delivered in pairs, this tasty snack features flavorful pork and veggie filling in a deep-fried wrapper. Although there’s definitely enough for sharing, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep them to yourself.

Dim Sum Pack
If you’re looking to sample all their most popular dishes in one go, treat yourself to the Dim Sum Pack. When you order this meal, you’ll get two pieces each of Shumai, Coconut Shrimp, and Gyoza. One Manapua lands alongside all that with a big scoop of Local-Style Fried Rice.

Shumai Stick
When you just feel a bit snacky but want to go big on the flavor, order up the Shumai Stick, from Dim ‘N’ Den Sum. To create this popular snack, the chef fills wonton wrappers with a rich pork filling and then steams them to perfection. Then, they put three on a stick for each order and serve it with wasabi aioli and chopped green onions.

If nothing else will do but a handheld snack bursting with flavor, the Manapua is the way to go. The chef prepares this savory treat by cooking the char-siu pork until tender and juicy. Then, they prepare the filling, wrap it in a circle of handmade dough, and put it in the steamer. Once it’s puffed up and piping hot, they serve them up one at a time.

Follow the Dim ‘N’ Den Sum Instagram page for the latest information on weekly specials, impromptu closures, and community events. They update their page regularly to keep all their loyal patrons in the loop about their latest happenings. If you have any questions, you can give them a call or simply message them through that page.

Insider Tips:
-Need catering services? Ask the team to bring their trailer to your next big event.
-If you’d like to share your love for this joint far and wide, inquire about their swag. T-shirts, tank tops, trucker hats, and more are all on sale. They even have stickers as well.