Cafe Nirvana

Cafe Nirvana - Small Eatery With Big South Indian Cuisine
The Bottom Line:

Cafe Nirvana may not dazzle you with its curb appeal, but customers rank it as having some of the best Indian food in the area. Ayurvedic cuisine is featured and is vegan friendly. 

- The Local Expert Team

Cafe Nirvana probably won’t amaze you with its curb appeal. But don’t let that stop you from dining at this hut-style restaurant. If you’re in the Kapaa area and craving authentic Indian food, try Cafe Nirvana.

Cafe Nirvana is in the Wailua Shopping Plaza of Kapaa, Kauai. It is snuggled between several other businesses and sits perpendicular to the road. Although small and perhaps a challenge to find, Cafe Nirvana serves up heaping helpings of authentic Indian food. Prices are reasonable, and diners rave about how fresh and delicious the food is. Cafe Nirvana is owned and operated by Robin, who will be pleased to tell you his story of becoming an Indian chef. Robin cooks something different every day to bring variety to his menu. 

Cafe Nirvana specializes in Ayurvedic cooking, which is a famous South Indian Cuisine. If you’re not familiar with this style of cooking, it goes way beyond family recipes. Ayurvedic cooking incorporates all the senses when dining and, in many ways, is a science and philosophy. The chef combines local spices and herbs and Indian spices to create a delicious and harmonious meal. 

Ayurvedic cuisine touches on the six tastes one associates with food: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent. Along with taste, Ayurvedic meals incorporate the other senses, too. First, you will catch the aroma of the curry and other spices used to cook your meal. When your dinner arrives, your eyes will marvel at the array of colors and selections on your plate. Lastly, your palate will dance with delight as you bite into the sumptuous foods. 

Cafe Nirvana doesn’t have inside seating, but an outdoor picnic table is available for you to use. Some patrons suggest getting it to go and strolling down to the nearby beach to eat. Vegans and vegetarians will love Cafe Nirvana for its many options. Most items at Cafe Nirvana are vegan.

Menu options vary, but in general, here are some regulars worth noting.

Veggie Plate
The veggie plate is served with rice and three vegetable choices.

Chicken Tandoori Plate
The chicken tandoori plate comes with two choices of vegetables, rice, and chicken. 

Tandoori Seafood Plate
The tandoori seafood plate is served with two vegetables of your choosing and seafood tandoori. 

Customers have also savored Cafe Nirvana’s lemon cashew rice with okra, local sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts. Another top choice is the cauliflower coconut curry. 

Party trays are available in small or large sizes. You can also buy bulk orders of veggie Curry or rice. 

Although there is limited information on their website and reviews about Cafe Nirvana are sparse, we feel that this restaurant is worth investigating. Customers that have dined at Cafe Nirvana speak highly of the fresh, flavorful food. Many other diners comment that Robin (chef/owner) is friendly and knowledgeable about Indian cuisine. 

Insider Tip:
Cafe Nirvana only serves lunch from 11-3 PM Monday-Wednesday. It is closed the other days of the week.