Brennecke’s Beach Boiler

Brennecke's Beach Broiler – Enjoy Fine Dining Goodness in an Open-Air, Beachfront Setting
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4 / 5
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Are you looking for a place to enjoy scrumptious food and tropical drinks in an open-air beachfront setting? If so, you definitely need to book your spot at Brennecke’s Beach Broiler. Their menu changes often, but their chill vibe, friendly service, and excellent entertainment always stays true.  

- The Local Expert Team

When you just want to enjoy beachfront views while dining on the most delicious food and drinks around, you cannot go wrong with a trip over to Brennecke’s Beach Broiler. At this popular South Shore Kauai eatery, you can grub on fine-dining quality fare in a truly chill setting. Their second-floor, open-air eatery sets the stage for a fantastic meal, while their decadent food and drinks come through in a big way.

Their menus change often to suit the day and time you come in, although they’re all filled with the best flavors around. If you come through on Thursday through Sunday from 9am to 1pm, for example, then brunch it is. Want to zip by on a Friday night? Well, get ready to see their menu full of sushi specials. When you’re browsing their lunch and dinner menus, keep a close eye on the listed times to ensure you can still order your favorites. If not, no worries. No matter what you pick, you’re bound to end up wholly impressed.

As you make your appetizer and entrée selections, keep dessert and after-dinner drinks in mind all along the way. Their desserts are well worth saving a bit of room in your belly, especially if you absolutely love chocolate. People come in from far and wide just for a taste of their Lava Cake, after all. This delightful dessert features flourless chocolate cake filled to the brim with warm chocolate ganache plus Lappert’s Vanilla Bean ice cream and a rich raspberry sauce.

If you’d like something a little different, consider their after-dinner cocktails instead. Made with bright local flavors, their cocktails promise to settle your belly in style while giving you a taste of sugary goodness. As it’s essentially cinnamon-macadamia nut coffee with a kick, the CinneMac Liquor Cappuccino is a definite fan favorite. 

Swing by to try their:

Ceviche Wonton Tacos
For an out-of-this-world combination of tasty flavors, treat yourself to their Ceviche Wonton Tacos. They start this popular appetizer by marinating their fresh catch fish in a citrus sauce. Once it’s prepared, it lands in wonton tacos before getting chili pepper over the top. 

Blackened Ahi Sandwich
You haven’t truly enjoyed a fish sandwich until you’ve tried the Blackened Ahi Sandwich. To kick off this lunch and dinner favorite, they prepare the blackened ahi using the freshest fish around. Then, they put it on a bun with cabbage, namasu, and wasabi aioli to finish it off right.

Beyond Burger
When you simply want to keep meat out of the equation, you can go with the Beyond Burger to enjoy bold flavors in every bite. They make this dish by grilling your Beyond Burger patty until perfectly cooked, and then put it on a robust bun. After that, they add lettuce, tomato, onions, and cheese plus any other additions you want for an extra charge, including Sriracha aioli. Fries come alongside, so be sure to ask for plenty of ranch for dipping.

Kauai Pad Thai
For a customizable culinary journey all your own, order up the Kauai Pad Thai. This entrée begins with rice noodles sauteed with veggies and tossed in spicy toasted macadamia nut Thai chili sauce. When served just like that, it’s pure vegan deliciousness, although you’re also welcome to add shrimp, fish, chicken, or misoyaki tofu for an extra charge.

Expect to wait up to two hours for a table when just walking in. Want to skip the wait? Book a table through their website or by giving them a call well ahead of time. If you’d like the best views, ask for a seat at the front of the terrace. You’re also welcome to order online and take your food to the beach to enjoy while enjoying the fresh ocean air.  

Insider Tips:
-Want discounts on apps and drinks? Come in daily from 3 pm to 5 pm for happy hour specials.
-If you’re looking to take your next big event to great heights, ask about their catering services. They’re happy to build your menu of choice, and then serve up your selections in style to wow your guests.