Da Crack

Da Crack – Serving Tasty Mexican Food Made from Scratch Using Fresh Ingredients
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4.5 / 5
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Whether you’re a meat-lover or 100% vegan, you can get your fill of fresh Mexican grinds at Da Crack. A definite South Shore Kauai favorite, this tiny eatery makes every dish from scratch using the freshest local ingredients, including fish caught right off the coast each day. As you grab your selections from their order window, plan to take your meal and run to a nearby beach to enjoy it to the fullest.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you’re looking for the perfect way to elevate your South Shore Kauai adventures, all it takes is a quick trip over to Da Crack. With each visit to this popular eatery, you’ll get the chance to order some of the most delicious Mexican food ever made.

Using time-honored recipes, they create each element from scratch using the freshest island ingredients and a whole lot of love. You then just have to move through the steps to create your burrito, bowl, or tacos using those items.

No matter which vessel you choose, they have chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, and island-fresh fish as the main attractions. Then, you can add rice, beans, salsa, and all the fixings, including guacamole for an extra charge. Want to keep it vegan? Skip the meat, cheese, and dairy products in favor of their vegan-friendly beans, rice, veggies, and salsa.

As you go through all the options, you can trust that only all-natural products go into your food, so you know there’s never any MSG, trans-fats, or even basic table salt in your meal. In fact, they only use the finest Hawaiian sea salt plus locally-sourced herbs and spices to build their bold flavors.

With so much magic happening inside their South Shore Kauai restaurant, there’s little room for much else. So, it’s no surprise that they do not have any seating, indoors or out, nor even a spot for you to come in and order. Instead, you just have to walk up to the front window to kick off your dining experience.

After you put in your order, you have a bit of a wait since they have to build it right then and there. It’s well worth kicking around for a bit, however, especially as you smell all the heavenly scents wafting out of the kitchen.

If you’d rather skip the wait and just have your food ready to go when you arrive, order online through their website instead. Either way, your food will soon enough come through the front pickup window, boxed up and ready to hit the road.

Fan favorites on their menu include:

Made using a gigantic flour tortilla, the Burrito is larger than life and ready to hold all your selections in style. Start with your protein – or veggies – of choice, and then pile on the rice, beans, salsa, and so much more. Don’t worry, the tortilla is plenty big enough to hold it all, especially once rolled up by the experts in the kitchen.

If you’d like to skip the tortilla, the Bowl will never let you down. To create an excellent base for it all, this option starts with rice, beans, or both before the meat or veggies go over the top. The rest of the ingredients land on that mixture, helping build all the flavors you love. Get a side of chips and salsa or guacamole to scoop it all up – no spoon needed.

Available in corn or flour tortillas, the tacos keep it simple yet oh-so-satisfying. As you build your tacos, you can get twin flavors side by side or go for something altogether different in each one. Whatever you do, don’t forget to get a side of salsa to pour over top to bring together all the flavors before you dig in.

There’s no seating available here, so plan to take your selections and run. You can either jet back to the hotel or set your sights on one of the many gorgeous beaches all around. Not sure where to go? Check out Baby Beach, Poipu Beach, or Lawai Beach, all just a few minutes away from the restaurant. Time it right and you can watch the sun go down as you nosh on some of the best Mexican grinds around.

Insider Tips:
-Want to show off your love for this taco spot? Grab a hat, t-shirt, or other swag during your visit, so you can wear their gear all around the island.
-Skip the urge to unwrap your burrito and peel down the foil bite by bite instead. That way, the foil will help keep everything together, leading to the juiciest, most delicious bites ever at the end.