Kepuhi Beach

Kepuhi Beach – Where to Enjoy Gorgeous Sandy Shores Along West Molokai
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Unlike many other beaches across Molokai, Kepuhi Beach puts beautiful sparkling waters and pristine sandy shores right at your fingertips. There’s no hiking or four-wheeling required, so you can come to soak in the sights anytime. Skip the swimming since the surf gets rather rough, but it’s a great place to catch expert surfers riding the waves.

- The Local Expert Team

When you simply want to get away from it all, there’s perhaps no better place than the beaches across Molokai. Unfortunately, many require that you 4×4 your way down tough trails or hike for miles to reach the shores, but that’s not so at Kepuhi Beach. Located along the west coast of the island, this beach sits just a few feet from the nearby resort, making it easy to access the shores on demand. You just have to drive down Kepuhi Place to get there, and then park in one of the open spots before making your way over to the beach.

If you need refreshments before you land along the water, stop at Da Store for drinks, snacks, and more. Then, it’s just a matter of taking a short walk along the pathways to the waterside. Once you arrive on Kepuhi Beach, you’ll want to take a moment to admire the breathtaking view. The brilliant blue water sparkles as far as the eye can see and Oahu waves hello from a distance.

As the waves crash along the shoreline, it becomes immediately apparent why most people skip the swim during their visit. Even in the summer months, the surf remains rather rough and, in the winter, it’s often downright treacherous. Beyond that, there are no lifeguards on duty nor very many people around to call for help if things go awry.

The rough surf at Kepuhi Beach doesn’t stop experienced surfers from riding the waves, however, letting you enjoy quite a show throughout your visit. With so much sand to explore, you won’t be hard-pressed for things to do. The beach is long enough for a long, leisurely stroll, although it’s best to watch your step over the rockier areas. If you just want to settle in for the afternoon, sunbathing and building sandcastles promises to keep you plenty busy.

Top activities at Kepuhi Beach include:

View the Brilliant Sunrise and Sunset
If you want to see a truly awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset, then plan a visit to Kepuhi Beach at the start and end of the day. At either time of the day, watch closely as the sun hits the horizon to see the green flash in all its glory. Don’t forget to take a ton of pictures of your view, so you can share the beauty of the island with everyone in your life.

Watch Skilled Surfers Ride the Waves
Talented surfers often come to this beach to conquer the waves and show off their newest tricks. So, to enjoy the show of a lifetime, all you have to do is lay out a blanket and settle in to watch the magic happen before your very eyes. Be sure to throw a shaka their way from time to time to show your appreciation and applaud their efforts.  

Have a Picnic by the Waterside
Whether you want to impress your date or just chill with friends, Kepuhi Beach serves as the perfect place for a delightful picnic. Just bring lunch from your favorite restaurant, grab a few extra supplies from the convenience store, and settle in for a memorable meal. If you want to make the experience even more magical, plan your picnic for around sunset to watch the sky light up as you chow down.

The beach itself does not have any bathrooms, trash cans, or facilities, so plan accordingly before visiting. To keep the beach looking and feeling its best, pack out whatever you pack in. You can toss your trash in a garbage can near the convenience store or back at your hotel. Either way, your due diligence in picking up helps protect the beauty of the beaches and ocean beyond for generations to come.

Insider Tips:
-Even when the water looks calm, there’s a big drop off and a wicked rip current. So, skip Kepuhi Beach for your swimming adventures.
-If you get sandy during your visit, head over to the shower for a quick rinse.