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The Fun Way to Tour Maui, Redline Rafting Maui
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Called Maui’s best adventure cruise, Redline Rafting Maui allows you as their guest to experience the beauty and majesty of the Maui coast while learning various tidbits about Hawaiian culture and the marine life that call these waters home. You can choose from several excursions in varying lengths that visit different shorelines and offer a variety of marine life sightings.

- The Local Expert Team

Redline Rafting in Maui was created with one overarching purpose, one company goal in mind. That goal? FUN! Therefore, the excursions offered have been altered to meet passengers’ desires, allowing guests to experience a heart-pounding thrill ride on the water complete with backyard barbeque friendliness. 

Whether your goal as a guest is to experience the ecologically friendly reef tour or to learn more about Hawaii’s history, this owner-operated company fulfills it all. It has done so by altering guest experience based on feedback from past passengers. This means Redline Rafting Maui actually listens and applies guests’ suggestions to create a more exciting and memorable experience. 

You might wonder why you should choose Redline Rafting Company over the many other tour boats in and around Maui. Well, the number one reason this company is recommended above others is their boats. The Redline I and Redline II, which are the featured rafting boats utilized for excursions, can reach destinations other companies only wish to visit. 

For example, La Perouse Bay, which is home to spinner dolphins and a 200 ft. deep back wall of Molokini, which Redline Rafting can visit in our boats, allow guests to experience marine life instead of simply looking for it and being disappointed when it fails to make an appearance. 

Redline Rafting is also all about improving how it operates to reduce its own environmental impact. It has also made improvements in staff management and increased interpretive skills, all of which are aimed at expanding its reach and awareness as a company. Redline Rafting also understands and embraces its responsibility in sharing and perpetuating the nature, culture, and people of Hawaii both accurately and respectfully

Guests can choose from a few options offered by Redline Rafting, including the Molokini Crater & South Maui Coast tour, the 2-Hour Molokini Crater & South Maui Coast tour, the 5-hour Molokini Crater & South Maui Coast Tour, Whale Watching Tours (Jan 15-March 31s) and the Maui Private Boat Tours.  

Guests are allowed to bring along their own snorkel gear on any tour. It’s also okay if you prefer to abstain from snorkeling and just want to experience the beauty of the Molokini Crater and the South Maui Coast. However, Redline Rafting does warn guests that if they do opt-out of snorkeling, they will likely be regaled with many more humorous tales by the captain when compared to guests who spend time snorkeling. 

If you do aim to snorkel, which is the most common activity on these tours, Redline Rafting claims that most guests will get to enjoy the truly life-impacting experience of swimming with sea turtles as part of their tour when visiting Turtle Town. This is often one of the most memorable parts of these excursions. 

The Molokini Snorkeling Tour offers guests world-famous Maui cinnamon rolls and fresh fruits for breakfast, delicious deli wraps and chips for lunch, along with soda, juice, and water. This has been another noteworthy part of the experience guests tend to highlight in reviews and recommendations. This food has been called the “best food ever on a boat in Maui!”.

Redline Rafts are 35 feet long and have been specially customized for sea adventures and snorkeling. All boats contain flotation belts and blow-up life vests but having good swimming skills is advised and preferred for any guest. All raft captains are USCG Approved and CPR First-Aid Certified. Although Redline Rafting is committed to having fun and aims to create a once-in-a-lifetime guest experience, they are first and foremost concerned about guest safety. 

Due to the adventurous nature of this excursion, Redline Rafting recommends individuals who are not in great health, are pregnant or those with neck or back problems choose another option. Guests should also be over the age of 8 to safely experience these tours. 

Insider Tips:
-During the busy season, tours can fill up weeks in advance. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a Redline Rafting Tour while visiting the island, make sure you book your tour at least a few weeks in advance or more before you plan to visit.
-Guests can save $10 when booking online.